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Feeling a little stressed

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Going through our second IUI cycle and I'm getting a little stressed. Things seem to be going slower this time around and I keep thinking what if they miss my ovulation day and get things wrong. Stressing myself out but trying to remind myself that they must know what they are doing, they do this as their job, day in day out.

IUI cycle 1 was

Cycle Day 7: Blood test

Cycle Day 10: Blood test and ultrasound

Cycle Day 12: Blood test and ultrasound

Cycle Day 13: Insemination

This time around I've only had 2 blood tests, one day 7 and one day 9. I am only having my first blood and ultrasound tomorrow on day 11. My clinics aren't normally open on Sundays which will be day 13 (When I got inseminated last time (which is adding to my stress. I am not sure if they open just for inseminations but I guess if need be time will tell. Hopefully, things are progressing and tomorrow I can put my mind at ease a little bit. I just keep telling myself they know what they are doing.

Hope all you lovelies are doing well on your journeys xx

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Sorry to hear how stressed you are feeling. I haven't been through this so cannot offer any insight but just wanted to say you are a mighty strong lady and I know you can do this.

Also have you tried yoga just very gentle begginers yoga in the morning or evening to help calm you. It is helping me and even if I do 15 mins I feel sane and not stressed as usual.

Maybe you can also call the clinic today and discuss that your insemination day falls on a Sunday and you want more information about how it works and it will make you feel better to at least know.

Sending you all positive energy and wishing you all the best xx

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Ajplus1 in reply to greengreen

I haven’t tried yoga. Maybe I’ll give it a try.

I’m in Aus so my clinic is closed now. My appt is in the morning so I will ask then. Just trying to relax my head.

Thank you very much for your well wishes xx

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