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Hi everyone,

I am new here, I had my egg removal in September 2018 and had them frozen due to them needing specific gene testing. I had the amazing call that we had 5 embryos that were safe to use for FET so I went for a check up scan and they found a cyst...I am unaware if these normally go on there own and has anyone else had experience on how long it takes?? I have been told to stop my Oral Pill and wait for 2 menstrual cycles.

I am just praying its not going to be too much longer....waiting is the hardest part.



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Hi my love... congratulations on your 5 embies! I had a cyst whilst doing my fet and I was able to carry on with the cycle and I did get a bfp and the cyst went on it’s own. Obviously it will depend on the size etc but hopefully it should have gone by the time you start. They seem pretty common too... good luck with your cycle xxx

Wow 5! That's an amazing number. Hope it all goes well.

When I had a cyst they put me on the pill for a month to reduce it. I believe lots of us have them all the time and they go up and down.

Sometimes it's because a follicle has released and not gone down. Others I am not sure. But not anything to worry about x

I haven’t had a FET but had a large cyst on a fresh cycle on my initial scan. I had blood tests etc to check hormone levels but it went on it’s own within the following weeks. I’m sure after 2 menstrual cycles you will be back on track.

Congrats hon, that's a great number, You must be over the moon!! A lot of cysts clear up on their own so I wouldn't stress too much about it xxx

Thank You all so much!!! Yes we are over the moon didn't expect that many at all! sounds as though I may be in luck with it disappearing on its own. Will keep you updated and fingers crossed will begin my Fet next month 😀😀😀

I haven't had any experience I'm afraid but just wanted to wish you the best of luck,5 is a great result xx

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Thank You 😀

Just to say five viable is amazing, well done xx

Thank you x

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