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I'm new here - EC on Tuesday!!!


Hi everyone!!!

So I have a confession to make. I've been lurking for quite a while and am full of admiration for everyone on this site, their support and strength. It's so comforting to know that others are going through the same thing.

Me and my DH have been TTC for 3 years, went to the doctors 18 months ago and only 4 months ago were approved to start on the IVF journey (delays due to GP's ineptness to refer us, moving to another area when we had been referred).

We have male issues, DH is on medication which reduces sperm quality (morphology and motility) and also had an operation down there which does not help.

So here we are, EC booked in for Tuesday. We've been very happy with our clinic so far, all the nurses have been nothing short of wonderful and we feel very at ease there. I think this counts for a lot. I want to say to all those starting out, it's not that scary. My DH has been doing the injections for me (I don't think I could manage them on myself!) and we have just one more left tomorrow - time really does fly once you get going!!

Our scan yesterday showed 11 and 12 follicles, a small handful which were 17mm and a few behind. Am a little worried about EC as have never had an anaesthetic, but I'm sure the lovely nurses will make things easier.

So that's me in a nutshell. I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone and say hi and send you all a lot of strength wherever you are in your cycle. Everyone here is truly amazing.


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Hi! Welcome to the site!

I was nervous about anaesthetic too but it was absolutely fine. Actually the whole process was absolutely fine and I'm so proud of myself as I am the biggest wuss.

You will be just fine! Good luck for Tuesday xx

sunshineyellow in reply to Hidden

Hello! Thanks for your reply. Everyone here is so positive which helps! xx

hi sunshineyellow. Welcome! EC is what most people worry about. I had mine yesterday. The procedure was fine I was awake but can't remember much and certainly didn't feel anything. I won't pretend it didn't hurt afterward but more like a severe bloating and bad period cramps than anything else. You'll be absolutely fine! Felt a bit woozy and the nurse did joke saying what's your tipple and I said vodka. She said right we'll give you a pint. And no hangover! Good result to me! Best wishes. Any question no matter how small or silly you think it is this is the place to ask!xx

Wow! Will keep my fingers crossed for your 3 embies xxx


Hi Sunshine and welcome.

This site is great, there is nothing the ladies on here dont understand about what your going through.

Your latest scan results look great and hoping you get sone great eggs on Tuesday.

Dont worry about the procedure, your clinic already are and will take god care of you.

Its the best sleep ever and you wake up to your news if your eggs.

I am always a bit tender and uncomfortable for a few days after but strangely I dont mind as i turn it into a necessary positive and reminder of why you are doing all this. I have yet to find out but im sure its a walk in the park compared to how we will all feel after giving birth so treat it as a warm up!!

Wishing you lots and lots of success and luck xx

sunshineyellow in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your message. I hope you're doing ok xx

Welcome Sunshineyellow, this is an exciting time for you. I understand the anxiety your going through. I had my first EC on 12th March. I was very nervous but it turned out to be very straight forward and over in a flash. I wore fluffy socks for comfort lol:))) Wishing you all the best on your journey xxx

Thank you Beanme! hope you 2ww is going ok and you're relaxing xxx

Thank you, Im plodding through and so far so good. Test day is Thursday and I've fingers and toes crossed xxx

I love a good lurker! Hope you've picked up some tips along the way! Good luck for EC and stay in touch with us xx

Haha! yes I have for sure! I hope everything going well for you xx

Hi ya sunshine :-) nice to see someone in the same timeframe as me, I go for final scan tomorrow an ec is planned for tuesdsy too, my oh also had low sperm count so we have quite similar circumstances.

This is my first cycle and it's icsi, i assume you are the same? We are nhs funded tho an they are good but i feel i can't ask as many questions. I had a scam on Tuesday past an Dr said everything looks gud plenty of follicles keep doing wat ur doing and that was it! Hopefully he tells me measurements tomorrow!!

Hello littleflower. Oooh we are cycle buddies!!

Yes this is our first cycle and icsi too. I'm sure you can ask for measurements tomorrow. Hope it goes well tomorrow, let me know how it goes!! xxx

I know, exciting I was hoping for cycle buddies on here :-) are u gelling one or 2 embryos transferred? Yeah will let u know how tomorrow goes x

I have no idea yet! Depends how EC and fertilisation goes I guess. They haven't mentioned anything about it. x

Hi, welcome! I had my collection this Tuesday and it was fine. I was completely out of it from about 20 seconds after I laid down and the last thing I said to the anesthetist after they put the mask on me was that I was really happy! I think I had a combination of sedation and general anesthetic. The anesthetist said there was a very fine line between the 2. You have nothing to worry about. I have my embryo tomorrow morning which I have heard is a pretty straightforward procedure. All the best for Tuesday. xx

Hi Emily thanks for your message. Will keep my fingers crossed for you tomorrow xx


Hello there! Great news that your treatment has happened so quickly following the delayed referral. Good luck with your EC on Tuesday. Xx

sunshineyellow in reply to Hidden

Thank you Mrs B xx

Welcome and best of luck... we will all be here for the support.

Welcome sunshine, I had EC last Wednesday the staff were lovely couldn't wish for better and the drugs were pretty good too lol! I did have pain but I've got PCOS and my left ovary plays up so that's all I felt but dont remember much at all. I had 14 collected now I have 9 little ones going strong for 1 to be a day 5 transfer on Monday its amazing all the science. Wishing you well on your journey xx

Hello lovely and well done for coming out and introducing yourself! You seem to have a very good amount of follies and decent size too at this stage. Don't think about the EC too much, everybody is different and the complexities differ, but the drugs are very good and knowing why you're doing it makes it so much better! I wish you lots of luck, baby dust and all the rest of it; may your follies come out, successfully fertilise and go back in where they belong 😊 xoxo

Welcome, good luck with your cycle 🍀🍀🍀 wishing you lots of baby dust 💫✨💫 xx

Hi, what a lovely positive post. Good luck - hope the ET goes OK which I'm sure it will x

Hey, my egg collection is Monday so we'll be IVF buddies. I'm being sedated for mine. My clinic usually does them whilst you're awake but I'm far too much of a wimp. Wishing you luck for Tuesday. Xx

Welcome & good luck with everything xxx

Good luck with the EC. Take care of yourself, be kind to yourself and take it easy! I spent a week at home after EC and pampered myself with lots of water, nice food and some good films (I did a little work from home at the end of the week). It meant I felt much better in the long run.

I wish you all the best and lots of little eggs! :) xx

Thank you!! I've got until next Thursday off so hopefully plenty of time. Will be doing all of the above! Xx

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