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Hello, Everyone...... winston this side, I am new on this forum and I want to know about the cost of egg freezing ........... Does anyone know about it???? Me and My loving Dh decide to go for egg freezing but we are unable to find any best center for this at reasonable rates ...... We both are working and not that much rich, have limited savings ...... we searched over internet alot but nothing find helpful ......... Any suggestions???? Love to read all of your comments and ideas ......... Hope this forum proves really helpful for me as I visited many of forums but didn't find anything relevant........

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Do you mean embryo freezing? If you're in a relationship and willing to freeze embryos rather than eggs, I believe they have better live birth rates.

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Dear, I am talking about egg freezing..... not embryo freezing..... Actually, It seems really confusing........ what can I do???? should I freeze my eggs ??? or embryo?

Ohh god........ Help me.... It is really difficult to choose the best one....


It depends why you are considering this action at all. This article might help a bit.



I agree with Lizzy totally! If you have a SO already, you better go for embryo freeze than egg freezing.


Hey winston, before taking any decision ... it is important that you have proper information about both of them i.e. embryo freezing and egg freezing....... Here I am trying to provide you some information which helps you to take an appropriate decision.......... Hope it will help you........ The main difference is that instead of freezing unfertilized eggs, in embryo freezing the eggs are fertilized with sperm from a male partner or sperm donor prior to freezing and kept it for future use... Any normal remaining embryos after IVF may also be frozen for implantation at a later time.

You are talking about egg freezing ......... It is basically a procedure of freezing unfertilized eggs for future use and later on, frozen eggs will be used for fertilization by using partner's sperm. So It totally depends on you that which option you want to choose...... Concern your doctor and take her advice......... She will assist you better.......

Good Luck !!!


Thanks, krystle ............ your post really helps me to understand the difference between both of them.......

I was very confused and disturbed as it is very difficult to understand which option is better......... But your comment provides a clean image..... Now I am going to change my decision from egg freezing to embryo freezing....... as it seems very effective and less time-consuming. Thanks alot dear ......... Take care sweetieee!!!!


Dear, winston First of all welcome to this forum..... I read your post and came to know that you and your loving Dh is going to adopt this method.... Well If we talking about the cost of an egg freezing than dear it is identical to those of routine IVF. In general, it costs $10,000 to undergo an egg freezing cycle. This estimate includes all testing, monitoring, medications and egg freezing.

Hope this information proves helpful for you........


Thanks Preity for providing such a useful fact...... I just want to know one thing that either this cost varies from country to country or each clinic has its own fee schedule???

what is the minimum cost of egg freezing??? Is there any kind of packages??? Do you know any clinic who provide this facility at an affordable price??? if yes, then any reference from there........ it would be really helpful for both of us (Me and my loving DH.) if you are able to provide all this information......


In UK you'll be able to store it up to 2 years for £3500 - £4000. But that will only include one round of egg collection. For a more dependable option you've got to spent approx. £8000. You've got to pay for the medications separately though. That should include 3-4 rounds of egg collection. It's just a rough estimate I got while scraping information over IVF and may somewhat vary from place to place.


The comments were so useful, thanks a lot. I am also considering such a thing, and am a bit lost, since im completely new to that. With the first child there were no problems whatsoever, but this time its harder...


Hey momnikki, Same here dear..... but I hope that you got some idea or an estimate of the whole procedure from all of the above replies.....


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