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Recurrent miscarriage clinics


Hi girls,

Can anyone recommend a good recurrent miscarriage clinic that isnt just into money making.

I’ve seen my own fertility consultant and Prof Brosens in Coventry so far.

If this pregnancy turns into another loss then this will be my 7th one and I’m not really coping with it now! I try and keep the faith and hope and all my dreams are constantly shattered!

So far all my tests have come back normal (apart from slightly raised NK cells) and my own fertility doctor thinks it’s due to my age of 37 soon to be 38 and my rubbish eggs (AMH 3.5) surely they can’t all be bad. I just can’t seem to hold onto my pregnancies! He says I should have DE although how does he know I’ll keep hold of the DE either.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Steph XX

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Contact Tommy’s. They are amazing xx

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I’ve had one appointment with them in Coventry and I’m no further along xx

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That does surprise me. They were very good with me at Birmingham. So much better than my local hospital (who were so bad I had to put a pals complaint in). Perhaps it’s worth getting onto them again? Sorry I don’t have any other advice about which avenue to try xx

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I’ll give them a call on Monday. Maybe it’s because the first time I seen them they were so hung up on me having the Nk cell test. They just said to keep trying and didn’t advise anything else. Thanks for your reply xx

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That’s ok. I hope you get somewhere this time xx

What tests have you actually had? Maybe someone on here will be able to suggest other tests you might need? X

So all the routine bloods after 3 miscarriages. They checked for blood clotting disorders, thyroid problems, benign pituitary tumours. I’ve had NK cell testing. They send my miscarriage products away for sampling xx

So have all the miscarriage products come back as chromosomally normal?

Yes so far although not every single one was sent off xx

I thought the problem with poor quality eggs was that they would be chromosomally abnormal (I know abnormalities increase with age). I’m not a scientist, but surely if the problem were with your eggs then your embryos would also show chromosome abnormalities? I may have completely the wrong end of the stick here though. What’s your understanding?

Yes I would have thought that too. They refuse to send them off now as I’ve had a few sent! I’m going to get a second opinion. I’m going to ring Tommy’s on Monday and speak to a clinic for recurrent miscarriage in Liverpool and see how I get on. Someone has recommended a book to me too which I’ve ordered off amazon, will keep my understand more about antibodies and immune issues xx


I’m so sorry to hear of your news - we’ve had 2 failed cycles and never a BFp & I’m already getting worn down (!)

Congratulations for persevering so many times.

-You mention NK cells but are you on steroids to try and reduce their effect?

- Are they giving you any progesterone pessaries etc once you do have your BFp?

- Was your thyroid TSH below 2.5? Not just ‘normal’

- Any blood clotting issues? Even if tests came back negative, a lot of women still find success with baby aspirin to help blood flow to womb. And blood thinning injections can work even if you don’t have a specific issue- but with Recurring miscarriage they should be throwing all this your way anyway.

If chromosomally your embryos are fine then implantation and supporting an embryo seem to be more of the issue?

If you aren’t ovulating naturally chances are your hormone balance isn’t right anyway so at the very minimum oestrogen and progesterone support should be given in first trimester

Sorry if you already know /tried all of this but I can’t see anything in your previous posts to suggest what treatment support you’ve had so far x

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Thank you so much for your reply.

Yes I go on prednisolone 20mg for a positive test. The consultant in Coventry Tommy’s told me not to take baby aspirin until after 7 weeks as it could cause more harm than good.

I’m on progesterone injections twice daily.

Not sure on my TSH level will need to ask.

Yes the longest I have got is until about 8 weeks and was a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks. Interestingly I took baby aspirin that time but it still didn’t work.

Thanks again it’s been so helpful xx


Firstly I'm so sorry for all your losses, each one is so utterly devestating.

Has your consultant altered your protocol following your miscarriages? I had all the recurrent miscarriage tests done which showed nothing wrong but my consultant agreed with me that medicine is a developing science so just because the test available today says you are ok, does not mean something isn't wrong. Anyway we made lots of tweaks as I felt the problem laid with blood issues and they agreed this was a resonable assumption. Anyway we changed to medicated fet and added clexene 40mg, 75mg aspirin and prednisolone. For us this was enough and we welcomed our little boy into the world in August. I'm not saying this is a fix all solution but my consultant wanted to treat me as if I had issues just in case. Also I see there is a new test C4m2 out for recurrent miscarriage that might be worth looking into. Xx

Thank you so much for your reply. My protocol hasn’t been changed as I’ve only actually had two cycles of IVF and the rest have been natural pregnancies.

The clinic isn’t the best to be honest. I’m going to seek some other opinions but it’s just finding the best one to go to. I think I will ask to try something similar to yours but I am hoping to conceive naturally, would I just start that on result of a positive pregnancy test?

I really appreciate your reply. He just keeps saying I need donor eggs xxx

Hi Steph, so sorry to read about your losses, I have a similar history too, just recently got my 8th bfp, but the coming weeks will reveal is the treatment I’ve had recently in Athens has helped. Please read through my previous posts to find out about the hidden c test, hystoscopy and deep implantation cuts. They are my last bit of hope as have seen everyone else possible and had all possible tests in this county but never had a bfp that’s stick even with the various treatment plans. Praying this time it does! I know exactly how your feeling. Stick with it if you can. We moved onto DE and still had a MMC which crushed me as thought my using different eggs it may all be different, so praying this time it is xx

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