Recurrent miscarriage testing

Hey ladies,

So back in 2015 I fell pregnant naturally however had a miscarriage at 7 weeks. A week ago I had a chemical pregnancy after my first round of icsi.

I know that NHS say you need to have 3 recurrent miscarriages for any testing to be done.

I'd like to ask if any ladies have had any success with their GP for having testing done after less than 3 miscarriages?

I spoke with the hospital today and they said they definitely wouldn't do any testing unless I have 3 but that I could go to my GP to enquire although they thought it would be unlikely they'd agree.

The problem is that on my form which gives me information on the FET I'll have it states that this time a blood test won't be done and it'll be a pregnancy test only. So my concern is that if I have another chemical pregnancy then this wouldn't be detected at clinic so wouldn't go on my record as a 3rd miscarriage? And obviously I really don't want to have another miscarriage as mentally and emotionally it's very difficult as many of you will know.

Thanks in advance for any advice x

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  • It's worth asking your GP.

    Some consultants will see you after 2 if you have other criteria alongside the miscarriages.

    If they do see you, then there is a certain amount of time you have to be clear from a miscarriage to do the blood tests.

    Have a look at the Tommy Clinics...

    They are trying to reduce the miscarriage amounts you have to have before investigations commence!

  • Thanks for the reply Hollibob,

    I will have a look at the link that you've sent 😊 xxx

  • Ah am sorry to hear of your losses, , it really is just so awful. I had a miscarriage at 8.5 weeks and miscarried twins at 7 weeks and tried for testing, I played the well it is 3 babies, the nhs would not do testing before 3 miscarried pregnancies and my GP said he wishes he could but they not allowed .both times I had D and c so they could of just tested easily , but they would is frustrating. I'm not sure how the testing for you would work for confirmation, maybe worry asking gp. Good luck and lots of love coming your way xxx

  • Thank you and so sorry for your losses also. It is awful and I can't believe people have to wait to have any testing. It's so wrong!! I have made an appointment with my GP however it's a 6 week wait to see her. Hoping she'll agree but I haven't much faith but can only ask I guess


  • Yes I went to my GP very upset said I'm not taking no more shit I have to have these tests done have ded him a list and he was like yes, and I'll do full blood count for you and sugars.

    Why should a woman have to suffer 3 losses! do they not understand how horrific it is!

    I think they should do these tests before starting ivf could save a lot ofor heartache.


  • Thank you. Your so right it's a absolutely awful putting people through all that.

    As if IVF isn't stressful enough without adding that on top of it.

    It's something they should test before you even star IVF because your right it would save so much heartache. Xxxx

  • I have just had our 2nd miscarriage from our 3rd round of icsi. My gp is doing blood tests for me on Friday, but she is amazing and going against the guidelines. She feels nearly 5 years of ttc and 3 rounds of icsi with 2 mmc is enough! You can get a lot of the blood tests done privately, but of course it's more money. If my gp had said no we were going to use a company called medichecks. I think for all bloods it was under £200 so a small price compared to another icsi. Good luck. Xx

  • Thanks Lamb82,

    Sorry for your losses. I hope my GP will be as understanding as yours. I've made an appointment however it's a 6 week wait to see her.

    Thanks very much for that website. I have also contacted them as it's something I'd be willing to pay for if I had to.

    The clinic told me my GP would have to refer me to a miscarriage centre I'm sure to have testing done. I'm not sure if that will be the case though. I was hoping it could all be done in the GP surgery xxxx

  • It's worth asking but usually it's 3 losses before they'll test. Whilst in hospital for treatment for my 2nd mc of identical twins (both pregnancies from natural conceptions) the doctor at the hospital said I should be screened as had had 2 mcs in a year. The tests were done on the NHS but showed nothing untoward. We then went privately for fertility testing and proceeded to ICSI. More tests for implantation were suggested after 3 failed rounds but I couldn't take any more and the consultant said that for most ladies they show nothing. Sadly there is so much they don't know about mc and infertility.

  • Yeah I have read that around 50% of testing reveals nothing as to why it's happening. I think it would just put my mind at ease a little to know if maybe anything could be happening rather than just now knowing at all.

    It's such a shame to have to go through 3. I've read online that they say after one miscarriage it's very uncommon to have another so I think if you do have another then really they should be testing from then. If it's that uncommon to have 2 why make people suffer the loss of 3 😥 xxxx

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