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Recurrent Miscarriage referral

Hello all,

My GP is amazing and managed to convince gynaecology to see me for recurrent miscarriage. Just wondered what we can expect when we see them? Are there any tests we should ask about? What won’t they do on the NHS and what’s with pursuing privately? So far everything normal and thyroid was tested before my last miscarriage - also normal. Maybe it won’t give us answers but I’m so grateful they are at least looking at it. xxx

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Hi Sally. From my experience they will do a range of blood tests Inc. Fsh, lsh, estradiol (but not amh), full blood count, blood clotting disorders, antiphospholipid, thyroid, lupus, coeliac, vitamin d levels etc. They also did an internal scan to check for any internal issues . We didn't get any sperm tests or more detailed tests for immunity e.g. NK cells. the clinic should offer you early scans in your next pregnancy and will be able to prescribe progesterone, blood thinners, steroids of you need it. When we miscarried again while under the RMC we were able to get karyotyping of the embryo (chromosome testing) and then also received testing to see if we were carriers of a chromosome mutation. sadly it is often the case that after all the tests the cause for the miscarriages remains unexplained. I hope you do get some answers though

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Thanks for this and it’s encouraging to see they will do all of this. I’ve had thyroid tested and all normal but not the others. I’ve been reading about NK testing but I’m wondering if it might be worth holding on to see what these test results bring and then go for it. You’re absolutely right that it may still come back as unexplained. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much that this will solve the problem but am relieved they are at least looking at it. It’s the constant wondering about what could be wrong that sometimes drive me crazy! Thanks again for this xxx

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Have you tried aspirin? My sister had several miscarriages, but she started using aspirin and now has two children. As part of my IVF, I was told to take aspirin and given cyclogest (progesterone pessaries) and I gave birth to a little boy in August. I’ve read quite a few success stories from people who had had multiple miscarriages but then started to use baby aspirin and had success.


Hi there, thanks for this. I haven’t tried aspirin yet but have been reading about it. My GP told me to hold off until they did more testing as she was not certain what other effect it might have. She does prescribe me cyclogest though for natural cycles as I have a shorter luteal phase. Helps me get pregnant but not sure how effective it is at staying pregnant. When we go for this appt I’ll ask about the aspirin though, thank you! xxx


Yes I think the jury is still out on aspirin. My RMC seemed to think it could do more harm than good.


First of all I’m incredibly sorry to hear about your losses. I had one last year and I can’t imagine having to go through that all over again 😭💔 so sorry. Life can be so cruel at times. As if going through infertility isn’t difficult enough...

I was offered referral for MC clinic- to professor Quenby but didn’t go ahead as I had gynae issues return my fertility doctor referred me to a general gynaecologist ( scan revealed lining not in uniform) I also have endometriosis. I’m awaiting my surgery date.

The above as advice is great. Have you had a hysteroscopy? This is done to look into your uterus and check for any abnormalities such as fibroids etc which can be removed depending where they are. Sometimes with miscarriages/ failed ivf / abnormal bleeding outside the cycle a hysteroscopy is recommended.

Have you had a laparoscopy to rule endometriosis out? Endometriosis is cells of thd uterus that travel to other places in the body and unlike uterus lining there is no where for the cells to break up, so they become inflamed and this can cause pain. This is a surgical procedure where incisions are made to look around your uterus and other areas to check for endo lesions. A laparoscopy is for many women the only effective way to diagnose endometriosis unless you have the endo chocolate cysts on your ovaries.Depending on where the endometriosis can cause difficulties with infertility and pregnancy in the earlier stages( can make implantation harder) It is always good to rule endo out.

Anyway having rambled on, I wish you the very best with the MC clinic and truly hope you find answers for the losses you’ve suffered, and hope your next pregnancy has a happier outcome. xoxo


Hi Jess, thank you for all this and I’m so sorry you have a miscarriage too. Life can indeed be cruel 😢 I haven’t had a hysterectomy or laparoscopy. I don’t have any symptoms of endo but I have read about silent endo where there are no symptoms but you still have it. I’ll add both of these to my list to ask when we get seen. Thank you again and wishing you success as well xxx


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