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Cyclogest: front or back door?


Hi All,

I’ve started with cyclogest pessaries and PIO injections this week to be ready for my FET soon.

I’ve been wondering how other ladies taking cyclogest:front or back door? I’m sorry if TMI. I’ve read that some of us are using back door for avoiding this whole messy stuff and that’s how I’m inserting mine for now as notice is easier to me🙈 but today embryologist called with time for FET, she said don’t take cyclogest the morning of the FET day (to have clear way for transfer), so assume she’s meant for me to take cyclogest front door. Will that be less effective if I take this back door, should I go with traditional front door for taking them? The reason for me not taking it front is to avoid leaking and irritation, I’m also on PIO injections daily so assumed I’m covered just enough.

Anyone would like to share own experiences ?

Have a lovely day to all!

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My clinic instructed me to go for the front. You do need to lie down for half an hour afterwards and they are messy, so buy lots of pantyliners. But they absorb well and don’t cause me any irritation at all x

Anya80 in reply to Kitcat12

Thank you Kitcat. I think I’ll do it also in front from tonight. Are you taking them the same time every night/morning? I probably will need to take them after 9pm as before that my 3year old would not allow me to have half an hour break...oh well my clinic once told me to do either way but I guess the preference is front...

Kitcat12 in reply to Anya80

I’m not too strict on the time to be honest, just whenever I get chance, roughly 12 hours apart! Some days it’s longer, some it’s shorter xx

I discussed this with my doctor last week. She said I could take ‘back’ on a morning and ‘front’ on an evening, therefore no need to lay down for half an hour on a morning to help absorbtion.

Anya80 in reply to Em2804

That might be solution! Thank you Em

I believe it is a personal preference thing - front or back door is equally good in terms of absorption. I actually have tried both and alternated a fair amount - until I got constipated and now it is front only (sorry if TMI!) IMO they can leak and cause nuisance whatever way you take them - just one of the fun parts of this process!

I think the important part is to space taking them equally - mine are every 12 hours and I try to keep that on the dot at 8am/pm so that the hormone amount remains constant.

Hope that helps! Best of luck. xx

Anya80 in reply to Sfarre

Thank you Sfarre, I need readjust the timing then to try to be like you advised 12h gap between.. its reasonable to keep good break between morning and eve time!

I took them back door all the way through, my clinic never specified which way which was best but I just found the back more convenient. I think the most important thing is to make sure there every 12 hrs. Good luck x

Anya80 in reply to E_05

Thank you E_05

Hi Anya, I used them vaginally as per clinic’s instructions. Wee bit of a mess but nothing major. I just used lots of panty liners! I was worried about getting irritation too but thankfully i didn’t have any major bother with them. Like you I was told not to use it until later on the day of transfer xx

Anya80 in reply to Dunla

Thank you Dunla, I think I’ll start them vaginally from tonight!

Dunla in reply to Anya80

Good luck xx

For my first cycle 18months ago ( failed one) it was through the front door.

Now , I'm taking them rectally and had BFT . And my clinic told me to take them rectally. So apparently, it's a personal choice however, I prefer the back door. Less mess. Good luck X

When I done my FET (failed) back in Feb my clinic told me to do back before transfer and either one after. I found doing it rectally less messy and as I have a toddler to deal with I can’t lie around for 30 mins waiting for it.

That’s my biggest issue to deal with toodler and put myself down for an 30min. I see how this will go and adjust as necessary back or front😉thank you

Front has always given me bad thrush so I switched to back door. Clinic said it doesnt matter which way. Only thing with back way, you have to make sure you have been to the toilet before you insert as it does come out otherwise. Or carry a second pessary with you if that does happen.

Anya80 in reply to cryst4l

Thank you good advise!

My clinic told me to do back door, particularly on the day of transfer. I hadn’t had any issues doing it this way.... no leaking either! I either go to the toilet before or wait a couple of hours to be sure it has absorbed x

Odd. They always tell me to take mine on day of transfer and I do mine front door. They always wipe my cervix off though.. I do mine front door just because I hate the idea of doing the back door, although I know it’s less messy xx

Ps when is fet btw?

Anya80 in reply to Tugsgirl

I know what you mean Tugsgirl, to me either way not ideal but I’ll cope. FET booked for this fri 30th xx

Tugsgirl in reply to Anya80

Good luck xx

I do mine front door (but clinic was happy for either door to be used) I don’t find them as messy as I was expecting them to be. I use panty liners and that does the job. I don’t lay down for half after doing the morning one. I put it in before my 50min drive to work. So just sit and seems to be fine. I didn’t use it on the morning of transfer but put it in after I got home, the clinic advised that.

I used to mix it up but got my last round where I got a BFP I just relaxed about it all and did it through back door was easier and less messy. I just had a little sickness and bloating with my meds. Best advice I have throughout my experience is to relax which is easier said than done! Good luck! X

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