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Get me out of here


Hello all. Can anyone tell me how to quit the site once and for all? I find it hard to understand and navigate as I am not very computer savvy to begin with and I feel that it's not helping me or rather doing more harm than good but it's so easy to click on the link in my email inox so I want to stop the "reminders" coming and cancel my account entirely to avoid tempation. I had to do the same with FaceBook last year and it did help.

I can't find how to contact admin or where there's an option to cancel so I am hoping one of you lovely ladies will be able to point me in the right direction. Also if any of you know of a site that is just for infertile people without children of their own to get support then I'd love to hear from you too xx

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DianeArnold will be able to help you.

You can turn email notifications off completely but if you decide to leave then sorry you couldn’t find comfort here.. Good luck for the future xx

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Thank you

Sorry to hear that you couldn’t find any comfort here. "More To Life" is a similar forum but for people facing a life without children (, not sure this is what you are looking for)

You could go here: a "Delete my account" button should be at the bottom of the page

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I forgot, there’s also an association called “The Dove Cote” you can find it here; xx

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Thanks. I'll take a look xx

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Thanks for the help and advice xx

I'm so sorry you haven't got the support you were looking for. It definitely seems to be a site with mainly people discussing/ undergoing fertility investigation, treatment and early months pregnancy.

I heard about gateway-women - I think they are have closed groups that you need to contact to join.

Wishing you peace X

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