Google has failed me!

Right, I've Googled the sh*t out of this...

Calling all ladies who insert a pessary during the day! Where are you? I've learnt the hard way that I'm not special on this journey - I'm not the only woman who needs donor eggs, forgot a tablet or 2 or struggled to inject. I am definitely not the only woman who is scurrying away at 2pm to pop a pessary inside herself and lie down for 20 minutes afterwards.

Now... I don't want to sound ungrateful... I know how lucky I am to have two embryos inside me... but... well... it's kind of stopping me from doing anything!

Today we wanted to go to an archaeological site about an hours drive away. We planned to wander the harbour and the abbey... we never booked a car because housekeeping accidentally put Mr Emu's phone in the washing machine with the bedsheets... (yes it's all go in our life) so we chatted about it late last night and I realised: How would I insert my pessary and then lie down?! I haven't read anything in the Lonely Planet guide but I'm pretty sure it would be frowned upon if I lay down for 20 minutes on a 14th century abbey wall! Or worse... actually put the pes... well you know where I'm going with that one.

I was considering buying shares in Google. But it won't give me the answer. So I've come here. Also, Google won't tell me to calm the #?$! down.

"Can I sit down instead of lying down for 20 minutes after vaginally inserting a pessary or will it fall out?"

Hmmm...maybe my search question is too long...


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  • I insert the pessaries through the back in the morning before going to work .Its easy and not messy. in the evening i insert them in the front just before i go to bed.ask your clinic if you can do the same that way it doesnt interfere with with your day activities .your post always leave me laughing.i like the way you write.πŸ˜ƒ

  • Morning! My clinic told me to stick to vaginally inserting... I did think about the alternative... I guess I'll have to call them. I just don't want to pester them! I'm convinced they're fed up of all my questions! Perhaps if I send them this post it might make them laugh instead?!

    Sheesh. I thought my questions were over with! ;-) x

  • Hiya. I did my in the front before going to work and didn't lie down afterwards. Didn't know you were supposed to? I just used a panty liner for any spillages. They never fell out. Hope that helps. x

  • Thank you new Google! I wish medical professions would have one piece of advice across the world! x

  • I inserted them at the front and never considered laying down, also pantyliner for spillages. My nurse said that the schedule with these is not too tight. It's not like the injections were you have to be military. An hour or two earlier or later is not a problem. I guess don't see why you couldn't do whilst sightseeing? Try to enjoy!

  • So spillage definitely doesn't have any spillage of the drug? I thought I was lying down to reduce spillage for that reason?! x

  • Nope. The active ingredient (progesterone) gets absorbed within 20 mins of insertion, the rest is just "carrier" and that's what spills out. It only starts spilling once the active ingredient is dissolved and absorbed into your body. That's what my nurse told me.

  • I think it might depend which pessaries you are on. I'm on utrogestan vaginal, no insertion in the back option with these but they have an applicator and my clinic said no need to lie down if you use the applicator. Mine are three times a day too, so I have to do one at work... no way could I lay down there for half an hour. There used to be a form of utrogestan which was actually an oral medicine which people used as pessaries and you definitely used to have to lie down if you used that.

  • Hmmmmm. This is interesting!!!! :/ more confusion lol x

  • Which pessaries are you on?

  • Cyclogest xx

  • So the medicines patient information leaflet for cyclogest 200 makes no mention of any need to lie down. As this is the official usage instructions from the manufacturer, I would go with that. You'll be fine. (You might want to use the same website to check if you're on a different dose of cyclogest).

  • Yeah I have leaflet too (thanks for finding it - you're a star) you just trust what you're told in the hospital I guess. Hopefully they'll reply to my email soon :) x

  • I genuinely think some nurses create their own version of the truth. Im not trying to be rude about them, but if info about a drug hasn't come from a dr or pharmacist then I don't trust it. I'm pretty sure the thing about lying down with pessaries has arisen because of the old days of using oral capsules as pessaries. If it was important to lie down it would definitely be in the drug's patient information leaflet as that is written after they do the clinical trials.

    Can you tell that my best friends are pharmacists?!

  • Im also on cyclogest.

  • See. They make it up!

  • I nearly always lie down afterwards but the clinic said it really isn't necessary xx

  • Ah. Well! :) x

  • I had this clarified and lying down isn't necessary after inserting. Any spillage is the vegetable oil leakage which is what the pessary is made from?

    Apparently your body absorbs what it needs from the pessary very quickly! 😊


  • I'd say go out and enjoy your day and try not to worry about not lying down afterwards. It won't do any harm! 😊 xzx

  • Didn't get to hire a car in time. Will try again tomorrow xx

  • I never laid down after mine - I was back at work whilst doing them so that would have been impossible. I had some leakage but it was just the coating of the tablets which would come out anyway

  • Never have issues of things falling out unless I do not insert in the incorrect way in the first place.

    I also think if your sat down you will be OK.

    So one thing the consultant said to me the other day is that it does get reabsorbed from your pad. Not something I knew.

    It sounds like this will be a one off occasion for your trip so maybe go for it.


  • That's interesting too! Hmmmm! All different! Hope you're doing ok today! x

  • used to insert them at work and then sit instead of laying.

  • I put in back passage In the morning and front at night... They said both good as absorbed into body, gives front a break too. Good luck... Head out and have fun xx

  • Im also doing back and frontπŸ˜ƒ

  • Hi, my clinic always says 'vaginally is better' but when I asked my consultant about it, he said, oh just put it rectally, it's fine, too. If it helps, during this cycle I've always done it rectally (so much less mess and easier to go about your normal life) and it's worked. So I seriously doubt it makes any difference... but I'm obviously not a doctor. During my first 2 cycles I always inserted them vaginally and found it a mess and a pain to lie down all the time. Enjoy your trip today, IVF shouldn't take over every aspect of our lives!! xx

  • Very true x

  • I was told to insert my pessaries vaginally in the 'early evening', so I didn't have a specific time. They probably ranged from about 5.15pm - 7.15pm! My clinic never mentioned anything about sitting or lying down, so I used to get straight up & get on with my business ☺

    I like that you consider us better than Google! Haha. That's an achievement everyone. Have a good day if you do go out exploring xx

  • My clinic was quite rigid with the times! πŸ™ˆ

    And you lot are more amusing to read than google! 🀣

  • You should be fine to put it in and keep going. It's only one day. Wear a pad though. My first round of IVF I didn't ever lie down after as clinic hadn't told me to.... and I got a BFP.... so I wouldn't worry about it at all and enjoy your trip

  • Ta for the advice! x

  • I insert them the back way first thing in the morning before I head out to work or to do anything. You don't need to lay down with them (maybe if you use them vaginally). I understand they work within 30mins. Pantyliners will take the edge off any worry. As for finding a place...hmm, sitting is ok to insert. Hopefully you can find a bathroom or somewhere hidden. Otherwise it sounds like a lovely day you have planned out. Best wishes x

  • Didn't get to hire car in time anyway :( hopefully will go tomorrow xx

  • Hi I was always told by my clinic to insert them rectally before transfer but that I could switch to inserting them vaginally after embryo transfer if that was easier. They said it makes no difference whatsoever if I inserted front or back either way your body will absorb what it needs to. I would check with your clinic tho and follow what they say. Xx

  • Ta! :)

  • I ask Diane the moderator about this and she said no need to lie down if I remember correctly (search for post). On the NHS they don't tell you to. I still tried but I would also sit sometimes if it wasn't possible. 15 weeks preg now.

  • Well this made me smile! x

  • we do drive ourselves crazy don't we...

  • Every bloody day!

  • Hey love, I've never been told to lie down afterwards and of all the many I've put up there in the last 18 months, one has never fallen out! Even when I've put one in then gone back to bed I still have the lovely discharge so it obviously doesn't matter πŸ™ˆ Xx

  • Ta! Feeling much better xx

  • Hey hun the pressaries are a nightmare . . I was given an applicator but its not possible to put them in the day without leakage. I was taking 2 before bed and waking up about 5 to insert 2 more before lying down again. I found if I put them and didnt lie down, they would just leak out and make a mess. When you don't lie down, they don't have time to dissolve. Can you change and insert more later on like when going to bed?

    Good luck

  • No... they want me to do 1 three times a day 8 hours apart. So doing 6am, 2pm, 10pm. It's bad enough I've realised if I'm keeping those times then when I get home it'll be 4am, 12 noon and 8pm πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

    No applicator. #nice x

  • Oh no . .can you ask for applicator, it is easier to insert and pushes the pressary in further. I think you might have to insert whilst sitting down and just hope for the best. Then maybe add 1 extra one in evening to make up for the one you are inserting sitting up just in case x

  • Can you overdose?!

  • not by 1. I am on 2 in the morning and 2 at night, so I think you will be okay. I would speak to your clinic if you are really worried about it.

  • I'm still on them till 12 weeks (6 days and counting!) Used hole 1 with a pad and hole 2. Never been advised to lie down. They only need 30mins to absorb and they haven't leaked or fell out in that timescale without lying down

  • Thanks :) xx

  • I had to do four cyclogest pessaries a day - two in the morning, two in the evening. My clinic advised me that back door was best option to prevent 'fallout' but they also told me to lie down for at least half an hour afterwards. I work for the emergency services and do shifts, so I was carrying them around in my pocket and dashing off to horrible toilets to do the deed in all sorts of crazy places. I sometimes managed to sit for ten minutes but rarely could I lie down, and my timing wasn't very consistent as I just had to do it as and when I could. I got through a lot of alcohol hand gel!! And I think I nearly went crazy...

    My husband found the whole thing hilarious and liked to sing 'poo finger' at me to the tune of gold finger. I guess sometimes you have to find the humour in these things!

    Am expecting a baby boy in 11 weeks so it was totally worth it but what a palaver! Can't say I miss it! Good luck xx

  • Awwwww thanks for sharing! Your husband sounds like mine! Wonderful sense of humour in the face of it all! Good luck with your new arrival! xx

  • Hi emu2016. Quite OK to sit and not lie down! The drug absorbs in 20 minutes, and any yuk that leaks out, is just "yuk". Goodness me! How could you do that to the lovely Mr Emu's phone?? Sending him another of my "hugs"! Diane

  • Awwwww! Thank you! He's enjoying these hugs! But it was the hotel maid who washed it! He says it's irrelevant - he's got two hugs now! x

  • Hello ladies I'm new to all of this and was wondering what the pessaries are for and how long you have to use for? Thank you xxx

  • The pessaries are for your progesterone levels, the Ivf process means you don't produce these naturally like you would after natural conception. So you take them after egg collection until the end of your two week wait. If you get a positive then you have to carry on with them until you get to 12 weeks. Your clinic will let you know exactly when and what x

  • You should definitely working in the medical profession! How's you doing? x

  • Mother a nurse, best friend a pharmacist... surely these things qualify me?!

    I'm in week 2 of 2ww, by now last time I was bleeding. I'm strung as tight as a wire and ready to snap! Husband and garage door both got screamed at yesterday. Had enough of this cycle now and just want to know!!!

  • I'm only 5 days in and the snappiness has started! There is no hope for me! I'm loving your bff and mother inside knowledge! Of course it qualifies you! x

  • Thank you.πŸ˜™ wow that's a long time to be stuffing things up there, I can see a whole load of other problems about to start like thrush!? Xx

  • It's worth it. Believe me! On my cycle I was injecting for 5 and half weeks. It's a distant memory now....

  • OMG that sounds like mental and physical agony I bet you were black and blue!? 😣😘xxx

  • I take my hat off to youπŸ‘’πŸ’ͺxxx

  • It's not that bad. Honestly. And I started with bruising but then it stopped xx

  • I believe this is what gives me progesterone... right now I'be taken so many drugs I just take what I'm told and when! When does your journey start? x

  • I've been thinking about IVF for a year. We have to have blogs redone and sperm test redone before we can be referred to start. I'm not fully committed yet I'm such a wuss but will just take it one day at a time. Xx

  • You'll get there eventually x

  • Hi. I was on Cyclogest to and told by the consultant to insert them the back way. I never laid down afterwards! But like someone else has said each professional seems to have own opinion on what is best. One nurse told me its best to insert vaginally. I wish they would stick to one view! Going through this you ask yourself enough questions and don't know the answer. You then go to the clinic and get two different answers! But who is right? My husband I just went with what the consultant said.

  • so many variations - it's easier to predict the lottery numbers!

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