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IVF and fluid filled tube - is this how it's meant to be done?


My fertility doctor has referred me for IVF. I'm fortunate enough to have two free cycles on the NHS. However, I'm confused about what doctor has recommended.

I have one fluid filled tube and have been told that my chances of conceiving are halved because of this. She also said that normally the affected tubes are removed, however as I had complex surgery only 6 months ago to treat stage 4 endometriosis, she doesn't think it'll be possible for me to have that surgery.

Instead she's recommended that I go for the IVF - have the egg collection and if I get a good number of eggs and am able to freeze some, then she may put one egg in. Then I can use the frozen ones once I have had surgery.

I don't understand this. What if I don't get any eggs that can be frozen? She'll just have to transfer whatever I have and hope for the best? Isn't that a possible waste of a cycle? Especially if the leaky tube halves my chances of IVF too? Why is she getting me to just jump into IVF like that?

What are my options, really? Surely I should have the surgery before egg collection? Or would that affect my AMH? Should I get a second opinion? Can't tubes be unblocked rather than removed?

We're planning to start IVF in January and I just feel so uneasy about it all :-(

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Hi my lovely... my advice is to have your tube dealt with first. I made the same mistake and my cycle failed and it was a waste of a cycle. The fluid can leak into your uterus and effect your embryo from implanting. I had the affected tube removed and then 3 months later had a cycle and I’m now 17 weeks. I was lucky in that I had 3 goes on the nhs but only used up 2 of them... but I really would advise you that you get a second opinion... my consultant laughed at me and had a go at me when I turned up with a fluid fille tube and he ‘ you want a baby don’t you... so why didn’t you have this dealt with before’ ivf is a long roller coaster and you want to give yourself the best chance... good luck my dear... brighter days are awaiting ahead xxz

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I agree. I’d push to have the tube dealt with before potentially moving onto ivf. Once you go down that route you naturally want to do everything you can to make sure you have the best chance of success. Good luck to you xx

Yes, definitely. I don't just want to desperately jump into the deep end without being fully prepared. I just feel like IVF is BBB such a great business for doctors these days and will encourage multiple rounds because they don't do the full investigations on the outset. Thank you for your advice X

Thank you for your advice. This is exactly what I'm worried about! But the Fertility doctor tells me it might not be possible for me to have the surgery yet because it's quite soon after my complex excision surgery.

What does the surgery for removing tubes involve? Is it fairly quick, easy recovery? I don't knew if I have to wait a year before I can have surgery and I think the doctor wants me to get as many eggs as possible to freeze.

There's just so much to think about, and all I keep hearing about are people I know just getting accidentally pregnant and here I am trying to plan out surgery after surgery! Uffff!!

So pleased for you, though! Definitely gives me hope that there is light at the end of this very dark, twisty tunnel ❤️

The operation is is done via key hole surgery and is not too invasive. It’s a laparoscopy so the make 3 excisions on your lower tummy and in your belly button. Recovery is pretty quick as in I was released from hospital the same day and then it took about 7-10 days to fully recover and get back to normal ... hope that helps xz


Hi Fatimah8451. I agree with the others. It sounds like you have a condition called hydrosalpinx. There is a natural lubrication in your Fallopian tubes to allow for egg to move along and sperm to swim up. If the excess fluid can’t leak out through the open end, it can only leak into the womb. This fluid is widely believed that it can prevent a developing embryo from implanting, so this is why you are usually advised to have it clipped or removed before proceeding with IVF. The closed end can sometimes be opened up, but often closes again. Of course you can do IVF with the condition, but best to be guided by your specialist. Hope that helps and good luck with it all. Diane

Thank you for your advice. Yes, this is what my fertility doctor tells me but I feel so uneasy as to why she is encouraging me to go for IVF asap. I don't want to waste a round of funding X

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Hi. You need to ask. Maybe to do with your hormone levels, I don’t know, but many specialists now advise having IVF first, then freeze all the viable embryos and do frozen embryo transfers following any surgery that may be needed. Diane

I know all too well of this except endometriosis.

in early 2015 during dye test doctors discovered both tubes were blocked, one worse than the other but the bad one also had a small hole. Fast forward to Oct 2015 I had a laparoscopy to try and unblock the tubes, this had little success but I was told to go away for 6 months and continue to try naturally. Nothing happened so DH and I were referred for IVF, after getting BMI down and also long waits at the clinic, I began IVF stims in Feb 2018, on the first follicle growth scan it was confirmed that the tubes were still damaged and also fluid was present. I had to freeze all and wait for another laparoscopy which took place in May 2018, this time both of my tubes were clipped as it was almost impossible for me to conceive naturally and even if we could, chances are that the fluid would have made it unlikely that the embryo to stick around.

I would suggest to have the surgery before commencing IVF to give you the best possible outcome. The consultant at the clinic would not transfer any embryos until tubes were sorted.

Good luck. xxx

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I'm so sorry you had to go through so much trouble to finally get your body ready for IVF. I understand that all too well - I've already spent two and half years treating my severe endometriosis and now I'm so scared of having everything delayed even longer. My Fertility doctor is encouraging me to have egg collection to freeze some eggs asap and then if I get lots of eggs, then to transfer one just to see if it works out.

I hope all the delays and surgery helps you get your miracle baby ❤️

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Thank you. It sure had been a long road so far.

I think it's fine to have egg collection and freeze all as thaw rates are really high these days. I had 3 embryos frozen and all 3 survived the thaw thankfully. My embryos weren't graded before being frozen either so I had no idea what would happen.

Next steps are ultimately between you and the consultant/specialist but I wouldn't be comfortable putting an embryo back as a tester. I would prefer to give myself the best possible chance.

Good luck. Xxx


Both my tubes were blocked and damaged due to endometriosis so my consultant had me do 2 freeze all cycles to ‘bank’ as many embryos as possible then I had a laparoscopy where they removed my tubes (they were quite bad)! That was 3 months ago so now I’m due to have an frozen embryo transfer.

There is an advantage to this as you will be able to collect as many embryos as you can and freezing techniques are much better now. I was 39 so didn’t want to waste any time. I think your consultants plan seems a good one but I don’t agree which putting anything back in before surgery as it could halve your chances.

Good luck x

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Thank you for your reply. Yeah I think that's exactly what the doctor wants to do. I think what she meant is that if we end up with a good number of embryos then she might just put one in just to see what happens. But the best ones will be frozen to use after surgery. I'm just worried about not having any eggs that can be frozen and only ones that could be transferred fresh because then my chances are halves and I've also lost one cycle funding. Such hard decisions to make!!

How long did you have to wait between being referred for surgery and actually starting IVF? I just want to get on with it now, I've been trying to treat my body for past almost 3 years to be ready for having a baby and I just don't want to wait even longer.

Good luck with your transfer - I pray that it goes well for you after all that hard work ❤️

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I had 2 rounds of IVF to freeze my emboryos and produced 3 eggs each time and I only have one embryo due to various reasons. Failed fertilisation on first round and hubby also had higher DNA fragmentation. I also have Low AMH.

I couldn’t get any funding for IVF as my local area had cut the funding so I went privately for the IVF however NHS were able to do my surgery within 6 months from referral but in the end we used my husbands insurance.

Fingers crossed for you that you get enough embryos to freeze then you can come back for them after surgery. Good luck!

I only have one tube due to an ectopic pregnancy and after months of trying again discovered my other tube was blocked. The consultant wouldn't progress with Ivf until it was dealt with as they said it reduced chances by 50%. I thought they were going to remove it but the surgeon actually managed unblock it. We tried naturally again for a few months without success and we are all booked in for our ET tomorrow eek! Good luck with your journey x

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Thank you for your reply. I think I'm definitely going to get a second opinion from a consultant as current is not a consultant. I think doctor doesn't want to waste time as my AMH levels have dropped from last year and she wants to get eggs out and frozen before surgery and time delays and affects my chances.

Good luck for your transfer , praying you get your miracle baby soon ❤️

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I think you're doing the right thing speaking to a consultant. We were told we could start treatment 6 weeks after the op. My AMH levels were really low and we have had positive results so far. ET went well thank you, keeping everything crossed now!

Good luck with everything xx

In my case my tube with hydrosalpinx is blocked before that hydrosalpinx. So in the HSG they could actually not see the sausage form but just that the tube was blocked at 3/4. As I had recently had endo lap my FS recommended that I start IVF as the complete blockage should prevent any liquid from leaking. But he said that was only a judgement call, in medicine sadly things are not always black and white only.

Today I am 5 weeks pregnant after IVF, terrified that I might have a miscarriage because of this but happy that I have some embryos frozen in case I finally need the surgery as there may be complications. Also happy that I may not need a second big surgery so soon if it's not needed...

Good luck, I guess my advice is to make sure you are talking to a FS/Endo specialist xx

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Thank you for your advice. I'm going to get a private consultation with a Fertility specialty as current doctor is not a consultant and going to ask what his advice is. I don't just want to jump into things without knowing the full picture.

Congratulations on your pregnancy, I pray that your baby is strong and holds on tight, and that you get to hold your miracle baby soon X

Hi Fatimah. Good luck in whatever you choose to do. Everything happens for a reason and it will happen for you ❤Your blind faith in God, hope and strength goes along way in this process. Stay positive in all this. You have come a long way like a lot of people on here. I will be praying for you all. X

There is a suspicion of liquid in one of my tubes and my consultant highly raccomended to get a laparoscopy done before we start ivf. I had a hsc scan but it wasn’t clear enough therefore I have to go to do a laparoscopy. There will clamp, or remove the tube or leave it if it’s open. My consultant is not happy to start ivf without knowing that’s happening in my tube. The liquid might interfere with embryo explantation

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