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Low AMH, fluid on both Fallopian tube, done 1st ivf but no fertilization

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Hi all,

Just went to visit doctor to see how our eggs fertilization are going. Turns out no embryos matured.

Iam 30years old this year and I have low ovarian reserve. Last year had done surgery under bikini line to opened up my both end Fallopian tube but blocked again after few months.

So husband and I started ivf cycle last 30/12/18 and had 3 eggs on retrieval day. Unfortunately, today received news that no eggs were fertilize. Even there’s is embryo, still need to clamps my Fallopian tube so implantation can succeed.

Anyone here has the journey as I? Really need support and advice.

P/s: we planned to start 2nd cycle ivf by end of January

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I am 42 and have low egg reserve. I am waiting for a laparoscopy to check/remove or clamp one of my Fallopian tubes, as a was highly advise that when we will go to implantation stage the possible liquid in my tube would create problems to the embryo. Very anxious about the wait and the delaying with my ivf

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Hi, thanks for sharing. Are you on the first cycle of ivf, if you don’t mind I am asking. My eggs was a failure when fertilization stage. Now I have to start all over again and get good embryos before clamping my tube.

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I haven’t even started ivf yet. My consultant want me to have a laparoscopy before we start anything. Hope this helps

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Noted. My doctor suggested to start ivf as my clock is ticking fast. Once we manage to get healthy embryo then freeze it. So I could clamps my tube. If healthy embryos is not viable, egg donor is the only way for us.

Baby dust to us both!

Good luck

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Baby dust to us indeed. Please keep me posted.

Good luck!

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Will do. Keep me posted as well!

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