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Ivf Fertilisation.... how likely is it that the embryos survive?

So egg collection is done and 2 eggs fertilised... now I have to wait till Tuesday to see if they are ok.... I don't once fertilised what the chances of each one making it are... what are other people's experiences... have other oeople had one or two eggs fertilised and it's become a success story...? Thank you xx

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We had 4 eggs collected. 3 if them fertilised and yesterday at day 3 they were all still growing nicely!! Transfer day is tomorrow xx


Good luck that's great xxx

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It's really impossible to say unfortunately! I've heard of some ladies who only had 1 egg fertilize and that went on to give them a BFP. I had 22 eggs collected, 10 fertilised and 4 made it to blastocyst, but so far no BFP's. I'll be in on Monday for my blood test on my 4th FET.


It's an egg/embryo minefield... I'm sorry to hear you haven't got the right outcome yet... did you get to implantation? Xx


No sadly not, but please don't let that put you off, everyone is different and it only takes one :)


I know... it is just a waiting game with every stage.... but i think trying to remain calm and hopefully is the best thing. I'm wondering whether I should have acupuncture


Thank you!! Good luck to you too xx


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