Frozen eggs - do you have to pay to have them implanted?

Hi, since my last post at 6 weeks when we heard a heart beat for the first time we have been doing a lot of thinking, I know it's a year or so away and I'm only 14 weeks now, however next year at some point my other half and I will want to try for another baby via IVF again. We have 3 frozen eggs left but don't know whether having those eggs implanted count as another cycle of IVF?

We live in an area where you only get one free shot; we've had that successfully. So my questions is, if we were to go back to the hospital when we're ready after the baby is born and try again will we have to pay for a cycle of IVF? When you pay for IVF what exactly are you paying for? The injections? The egg collection? The whole thing?


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  • You pay for each bit. The drugs are generally the expensive bit. I had a freeze all and then paid for my transfer separately. You can do a non medicated FET which would be much cheaper.

  • Hi, thanks for replying I think I would have to look into the non medicated FET because I have hormonal issues but it's interesting to know that it's an option if my hormones sort themselves out later on Thanks! X

  • yes, you've had your free cycle of IVF. A FET is cheaper than a fresh cycle though - your clinic will be able to give you prices as this varies quite significantly from place to place... Mine is £900 including meds but I've seen other places charge almost £2000! Compared to a fresh cycle (anything from £2500 up to £5000!) it's relatively cheap!

  • Thanks! That's actually not so bad! Compared to the full price of IVF, I'll definitely do some more research, it's very early days right now but at least I know it is something that has to be paid for but the price isn't too bad! Thanks xxx

  • I seen the consultant last week to discuss doing a frozen cycle he said i can either do it natural or medicated he discussed what was involved and the costs the fee for fet from my clinic is £950 that includes blood tests, scans, thawing of embryo, embryo transfer then pregnancy test /scan. that fee dosent include medication if needed.

    also i had to pay for a follow up appointment of £150 as i already have a son from my first ivf cycle so we are self funded this time xx

  • That's really helpful thankyou, are you with a hospital or private clinic? X

  • Hi suzanne Im with a hospital at coventry xx

  • Okay thanks, those prices aren't so bad then

    Thanks !

  • Hi Suzanne-Ferguson. When you have fertility treatment through the NHS, they are there to hopefully fund you for one live baby. Once this has been achieved, if you have any further funding leftover, you lose it, and it will go back in the pot to fund others. Funding varies from area to area, as you probably already know. Using any stored frozen embryos usually costs around £1000 each time. However this can vary. if you have a look at you will be able to access information about clinics you can use privately, and their costs. Most people use up their stored embryos first before embarking on another fresh cycle of IVF, which will be expensive. Drugs used for frozen embryo transfer can often be bought at a reduced price from the larger supermarkets, so is well worth looking into. Good luck with whatever you do decide, and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and birth. Diane

  • Hi Suzanne. Congratulations . You wil have to pay for the cycle (drugs, scans,, eggs transfer, etc..). Enjoy your pregnancy

  • My FET is costing £900 for the procedure and drugs (downregging injections, oestrogen and progesterone), plus £200 for the embryo glue. We were covered for embryo storage for a year but I think would have had to start paying something like £100 a year for storage after that. We stuck with the same clinic but we could have changed by paying a transfer fee of £200ish. All the best to you no congratulations on your pregnancy xx

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