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Poor fertilisation with ICSI

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had egg collection on Friday we got 6 eggs of which 5 were mature. Got the call this morning to say only 1 has fertilised. I've been booked for a day 3 transfer but my gut tells me it won't make it and I will be cancelled. For all the others to not fertilise with icsi there is surely a significant quality issue?

I have low AMH and am 29. My husbands SA was on the lower end of normal and initially had 3% normal forms. On the day they didn't say anything about morphology of the sample but said it was borderline for IVF and suggested we do icsi to increase fertilisation

I took supplements including DHEA and ubiquinol and ate anti-oxidants. I did fertility yoga, changed my toiletries and cleaning products and didn't have caffeine or alcohol.

Hubby massively reduced alcohol and took supplements.

I stimmed for 13 days on 375 gonal f on long protocol.

Embryologist said she couldn't tell me why this is and I asked about egg quality and she said they don't know.

What would cause this low fertilisation and how do we improve on it?

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I don't have the answers I'm afriad but your consultant and embrologists should have some answers for you, I'd ask again, they should have some idea.

Don't give up yet. Hoping your embie makes it to transfer. Xxc

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Hi Rose2303. I think you need to have a good talk with the embryologist, after all, he/she created the embryo(s). Obviously you will still go ahead with the Day 3 transfer. We used to do Day 3 transfer all the time and got some good results, before we knew how to progress to Day 5. Maybe ask about storing some sperm frozen from a few samples, to ensure plenty of normal forms to choose from?? Perhaps a karyotype/chromosome blood test on both of you too, if not already done. Fingers crossed for your little embie. Thinking of you. Diane

The Consultant should be the person looking into improving the quality of eggs and sperm collected and the fertilization rate and how to improve, not the embryologist.

Embryologist's aren't doctors, they are lab technicians, cell scientists - they work with whatever eggs and sperm are collected. My sister's husband is an embryologist and he (when I told him about our IVF) said they churn through eggs and sperm all day long, they can identify healthy sperm and eggs and embryo's but they're aren't the people to ask how to improve quality. He also said he's seen 100's of healthy top grade Embryo's give BFN and low grade embryo's that are fragmented go on to produce perfect babies. Its the nature of the IVF because so many factors are in play at any one time.

Also its worth reminded you Rose, that its not your fault, and there is no magic combination that will 100% work. Its a rabbit hole to think if you just tweak this or that you will get a baby. All you can just do your best from professional advice ( like you've both doing) and hope for the best.

DO try all the useful suggestions, but remember there are so many factors affecting IVF, bring these to your consultant to discuss.

I can recommend Diane's karyotype/chromosome blood test on both of you too, and the frozen sperm sample. Once they freeze the sample they can thaw the 'straws' of sperm and get the best sperm and refreeze. Our BFP came from a frozen sample of my sperm and I suffer from low sperm count.

Best of luck with your day3, it just takes 1 x

Sorry about your fertilisation rate. My partner and I have had zero fertilisation first round, then 25% second round with ISCI. Normal karyotype testing. So far it's just looking like poor sperm and egg quality. We have made so many changes expect DHEA without any obvious improvement. Some other woman have found answers some of which are reversible on here and other forums. If you search zero or poor fertilisation you should come across the discussions.

Good luck though with the one. You're still in with a chance. X

Good luck with your transfer! I had 5 eggs collected on Wednesday two were immature, 2 just didn’t fertilise and have 1 which was transferred yesterday. I asked about what was going on we had ICSI although there is no issue with my husbands sperm I have a high AMH and no diagnosed issues, but still low numbers and one embie.

They were really encouraging yesterday at the transfer,told us that the embie seemed to be of good quality and developing well. Keeping our fingers crossed that this is all we need!

Best wishes x x

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