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First Appointment

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Hello. My Husband and I have our first consultation tomorrow at complete fertility Southampton (nhs) We have been ttc for 5 years. I have had basic blood results etc, nothing wrong with me so far..but his sperm isn’t looking good (low count/motility)

What should we expect to happen tomorrow? Is it generally just a chat? My brains gone, I can’t even think of any questions, just all a bit overwhelming.

Thank you x

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At our first consultation, doctor went through all test results and recommended what treatment plan he thought would be best for us. He explained what we would need to do when we commenced treatment.

We had filled all of our paperwork in advance, he went through it and explained what everything was. He checked our ID and asked about our history so far.

Diane Arnold (site admin) has a list of questions that you can take with you, if you give her a message, she should be able to help.

Good luck tomorrow. xx

I am at the same clinic! Yes just a general chat tomorrow then you will be booked in for a nurse consultation and they will start tests and fill in consent forms..if you haven’t already had one then they will book you in for a hycosy scan to check if your tubes are clear.

Good luck xx

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