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Hi all had my first appointment at Manchester yesterday. This was for bloods urine and scan. My partner had his sperm sample. We now have to wait up to four weeks till we see the consultant and they decide whats next. We know the issue lies with very very low sperm so I have prepared myself for the worse. The only concern I have is we have spoken about donor sperm and we aren't convinced. Kind of worried about we might be at the end of the road before it begins. Wishing you all lots of baby luck x

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  • 4 weeks soon come round chick, mine did, try and stay positive, there is always other options xx

  • Four weeks will fly! Donor conception is a massive thing to think about. And not something to rush. How's your partner? I sometimes think sperm donor is harder for men to deal with than women with egg donation as we get to carry the baby... X

  • Thank you emu2016

  • Sorry this isn't posting right. I agree. At least we can carry the baby. I'll let you know how it goes x

  • Thought you were having problems! There are a few good books and sites for Donor IVF... and here of course! x

  • Thanks emu2016 i think i just need to be told either way. I feel its a bit of a grey area with male issues as i am not sure what the NHS will fund in terms of treatment options :-(

  • We are in exactly the same position, done blood tests, scan and sperm tests this week and then our appointment to find out what's next is beginning of July. Similarly it's mainly the sperm that's the problem. I'm sure we will still get a chance to try though. I'm aprensive cus no idea when we will start treatment, will it be as soon as August or will we have to wait??! Constantly trying to guess the waiting lists is painful! Good luck to you, hope everything works out πŸ˜€ Xxx

  • Bec-A i am so worried about how the consultant will be. When i have had my initial appointments at my local hospital they were very blunt! x

  • I have only had the blood tests like you but honestly I found the ivf specialists so much nicer than the local hospital who are dealing with so many different types of cases not just infertility. The ivf clinic seemed to have a lot more compassion ( although why anyone wouldn't have compassion for infertility is beyond me) and time for me. Hope yours is the same, fingers crossed! Xxx

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