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Increase in Menopur dose and emotional day!


Hi, I had my first blood test today after taking Menopur for 4 days, 300iu dose which I know is high. My AMH levels had reduced which I had expected as I'm 39 and so was not a shock but obviously still a worry. My consultant has said to increase to 375iu until next Weds (have another blood test and scan this Fri and Monday so know this may change). I'm just freaking out that my ovaries aren't responding like they should be and then I got home and cried and I thought I'd been really positive. I just know the leaflet says about dosage being 70-300iu a day and now I'm on more than that. Trying to be practical and logical and say 'what will be will be' but today isn't that easy. Does anyone else have experience like this please? Xxx

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My dose (and lots of others) was 450iu so don’t worry too much about the increase, the leaflet has worried you. Fingers crossed for you that the higher dose helps xx

Thank you, I know I'm being irrational and a bit crazy. I'm already feeling less ridiculous now I've processed my emotions. It's been my first emotional meltdown so I'm not doing too bad. Thank you you for the reassurance xx

My dose was 450iu as well and I know have a 6 weeks old baby boy called Bruce xx

Oh wow congratulations that's amazing news. Thank you so much for the reassurance xx

I was on 450 Menopur from day 1 and stimmed for 12 or so days and I was 33 (now 34) don't worry your clinic will only advise what they think is best for you. Xx

Thank you, I know I'm being irrational. Really appreciate the reassurance xx

Aww it's not irrational at all. I was the same, worried and nervous, it's totally natural. Xx

Is the medication to help increase ur amh count? I was told my count was 2.4 last April and that nothing could be done to improve it!!! I have another appointment with seemingly the best surgon in Ireland next month.... I might mention this if it's an option....any nasty side effects? I had to take prostrap injections after my first lap (stage 4 endo) and I swore never again side effect were terrible! Perhaps it's my endo which means they don't think prescribing this would help..any idea?

I don't think it is to increase my AMH, I think because my AMH has reduced my egg reserves are lower and so the increase in Menopur is to stimulate a greater response in the eggs maturing (well that's how I have understood it). Good luck when you meet the surgeon xx

I was in 450iu for 2 days (split into 2x225iu doses, one in the morning and one at night) and then on 300iu for the rest of the injections stage (an additional 9 days). My amh is 5.07. I've had very little side effects this round- just been feeling tired generally.I'm on round 3 - got 5 eggs and currently on 2ww.

I can't remember what the letter said my AMH is but I know it had dropped from last year but it i to be expected with nature and age :-( Good luck for your test day I have everything crossed for you. This is my first round so everything just feels quite overwhelming. x

I was put on 375 menopur as I have low AMH (5) and it was upped to 450 mid-cycle, I’m now 16 weeks pregnant.

When you have low AMH, there is a low risk of over stimulation from the Menopur, hence the higher dosages (I believe), they just want to give you the best chance.

I know how overwhelming it can be, just try to take it one day at a time. All the best xx


I was on Merional and was on a whopping 600 a day (8 bottles per injection) for 13 days. Dr said it was the highest dose a woman could have in the UK. Boy did i feel it. The first day after my first injection i was breathless just walking into work from the car park. The swelling to my belly took 5 and a half months to go. Collected 7 eggs. Starting again in a few weeks time. God help me! But were tough and can smash this! X

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