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Day 3 of menopur


Just a quick question I'm on day 3 of injecting found it harder than I thought! Couldn't do the first night! Wimped right out! Silly really as I'm ok with injections and give blood etc but actually sticking it in myself and pushing the liquid in just made me freak! Other half is no good ... He's a fainter.... So I went to a friend around the corner that has done them before for a kidney transplant and it was fine! Stings a bit but ok. Anyway last night after about 5 minutes I did do it myself and was right chuffed! It's not as bad as I was working myself up to! Just needed to know what it felt like I think before I did it myself.

Anyway sorry gone off track a bit , my question is i am still having my bleed and it's now been 7 days does anyone know if this is ok/normal I know this isn't a normal period as I took norethisterone but I came on a day before I would have naturally and I only usually bleed for 5 days? I have my first scan on Friday to see how I'm responding I hope I'm finished by then! Anyone had similar?

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Hi ive had a simular thing happen to me with my bleed lasting around 9 days and even now 14 days later ive got the odd spotting on and off, the nurse at my clinic said its just what can happen with the drugs we take so shouldnt be anything to worry about x


It's my day 3 on menopur too! I didn't start menopur until after my baseline scan and I had finished bleeding on the day of the scan. Will depend on what protocol your on. If anything isn't going to plan your clinic will tell you 😀


Prob nothing to worry about I bled for 7 days whilst starting my menopur, I'm on day 7 and having my first scan today hopefully all goes well. I know what you mean about the jabs, I dread taking my menopur I find it extremely painful and my stomach is covered in bruises lol x


thanks for replies I think I might have finished yesterday so day 7 like you Leanneb85.. but this happened then it seemed to come back so we shall see hopefully thats it!

Good luck with your scan Leanne x



just to finish this thread off i called the nurse and she said this is quite common and once the Menopur kicks in rising the estrogen level the bleeding should settle and this Friday when I have my first scan they will look at the womb lining just to make sure all ok x

also for the record on day 9 of bleed now and day day 5 of Menopur but looks like it might have stopped as nothing since yesterday :) fed up of wearing nappies lol


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