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7 Days on Menopur & Suprecur and poor response...waah!

Hi all

So last week I had my baseline scan - all good, lining the correct thickness etc, good to go! I started the short protocol with 0.3mls of Suprecur that night and then the next night as instructed started on the 1200 Menopur at 300iu. So it's now 8 days later (7 on Menopur), I had a scan this morning to check everything is coming along nicely aaaaaaaaand...it's not.

The nurse said I had one follicle that was slightly bigger than it should be, and the rest (about 4 or 5) all smaller than they should be. Basically they should all meet in the middle somewhere on her chart, but they don't. The one big follicle is stopping the others from developing quick enough (or something like that - you know how you basically forget EVERYTHING they've said as soon as you get home, esp if it's bad news) She said that as I was already on a high dose of Menopur as my AMH is ok, but low for my age group (10, I'm 33 - I didn't know this until today - waah!?) they won't up my dosage today but just carry on with the injections as normal until my scan the day after tomorrow.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had this and gone on to produce enough eggs for EC? I'm on the short protocol so will they keep me going for longer on it? My EC was tentatively scheduled for next Monday (today is Wednesday) so will that be put back to allow me more time for the follicles to develop, or will they just abandon this cycle altogether?

We're having ICSI as my husband has wonky sperm, my reproductive health and levels have all been absolutely fine in all the tests we've had done, so whilst I know anything can happen it's a bit of a shock to today suddenly be faced with me not responding properly to the drugs.

The nurse was wittering on saying this wouldn't be classed as a 'cycle' of IVF if cancelled but if I had another go and it did the same thing there isn't a guarantee I would be eligible for another cycle which has freaked me out a bit. We are NHS funded and have 2 cycles available to us, so to hear conflicting info about that this morning from her has also been a bit of a kick in the nuts!

Anyway, just wanting some feedback and wondering if anyone else has been in the same position?

Cheers :) x

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Hi Pennyprimrose, I'm sorry things aren't going as planned. I was in a similar position with my last IUI. On my first cycle the drugs did the trick really quickly and I was only on menopur for about seven days for alternate nights as things progressed so quickly. However on my second round of IUI my ovaries just didn't play ball and they kept on increasing my dose of menopur with very little response. I was on the drugs for 55 days in total for one mature egg! No one at the clinic knew why this was happening, just a lot of looking blank. Neither cycle worked and we are due to start IVF in November.

Anyway, I was told that every cycle is different and you can respond in different ways each time so don't worry too much about the next cycle. You may not even need a second cycle if they are able to collect eggs :-) I can't comment about whether the cycle will be abandoned or not as I haven't been through IVF yet but I can sympathise with how you're feeling as I felt like my body was letting me down when it wasn't responding and I'm worried about how the stimulation will go for IVF.

I hope ec can go ahead. Good luck with the rest of your cycle xx


Hi Vickal

Thanks so much for your reply, that's really reassuring to hear that each cycle can be different- I've been panicking that I'm clearly just not built for IVF!

I'm sorry to hear your IUI didn't all work out as planned, but hopefully IVF will work for you, at least you're familiar with the drugs!

I spoke to the clinic again earlier & they just confirmed that my scan on Friday will determine whether we carry on with this or not. In the meantime I have a hot water bottle on my tummy and am protein-ing myself up big time between now and Friday..! Come on eggs!

Good luck with all your treatment, have everything crossed for you :) x


Hi PennyPrimrose,

I know this is an old post so hopefully you have had success since you posted! I noticed you said you were using the heating pad and "proteining it up". I haven't heard about these and wanted to check if it helped with your response (if you can remember!) thanks :)


Hi Pennyprimrose,

Reading your post was almost like reading my own experience! I too am a low responder and on my first cycle back in May this year, I only ended up with one embryo to transfer. That embryo was a grade 1 and was the only one to fertilize after only 4 eggs collected. I was on a long protocol with Buseralin and Gonal F. Mid way through they could see I wasn't responding, so upped my dose of Gonal F and postponed my egg collection by two days. I was also warned that I might not get a second go on the NHS due to low response. Sadly the higher dosage didn't make much difference though. Still I did have one to put back in on day 3...it didn't work though.

I also had an AMH of 10.2 on my last test at end of October 2014. That was however following a miscarriage (following a natural conception) at the beginning of that month and I think that made my fertility higher. The previous AMH test last July was 5.25 so it increased 100%. Such a surprise when I got the phone call to give me the result.

I have severe endometriosis and have had eight laparoscopies since 2007 so my low AMH is due to the surgery and scarring on my ovaries. So after first failure, I thought there wasn't much hope with my own eggs. However my Doctor felt another go on a different (shorter) protocol would be worth it.

I've just had two embryos transferred on Monday. I only had five eggs this time of which two fertilized. One was grade 2, 8 cell and one grade 3, 7 cell. So cell wise they are both ahead of my last one but not as perfect.

Anyway just wanted to reassure you they have me another go and I went into my follow up appointment after ICSI 1 failure thinking the hospital were writing me off. They said a different protocol might help the egg quality. Quality over quantity :).

Wishing you all the best and I hope you get a couple of strong eggs on this go.



Hi Shez3009

Thanks so much for your reply, I'm sorry you've been through so much, sounds like it's been really hard going over the last few years for you.

It's a relief to hear they gave you another go and didn't write you off. It's all just such a mental journey isn't it, everyone's story is different so it's really hard to get the advice and reassurance you're looking for! So it's really good to hear similar stories.

Good luck with this current go - got everything crossed for you! Please keep us all posted with it all! xx


Thanks Pennyprimrose. I will let you know and please let us know how you get on xx

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I don't respond to drugs. They try and go by your lead follicle. Most rounds were so bad, I was converted to IUI last minute. Round 6 as I again on 450 gonal F I made only 1 follicle, we did IVF anyway to check the quality of the egg. Low and behold, the egg was perfect, fertilised and developed into a perfectly funny little person! Round 7on 600 got 2 eggs and round 8 I was bumped up to 600 and with dhea and got 6follicles!

So sometimes 1 egg works.

Hopefully they will give you options or better yet, the baby follicles will grow by the next scan and have caught up!

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Hi Filmgirl

Ah that's so reassuring to hear! I really hope we see this cycle through even if it's just the one egg to be honest because stories like yours show that just the one can work. We'll just have to see what they say on Friday.

That's amazing that you got 6 on the last go!

Lots of luck to you :) x


Hi girls

Well, went for my second scan today and miraculously we are back on track for egg collection next week..!

The scan showed that the follicles all have come along leaps and bounds since Wednesday's scan which is just mad. Totally thought they'd be cancelling it today!

Thought I'd let you all know, thanks so much for all your kind and encouraging words xx


Great news, good luck with ec xx


Just to say, I had a poor response on Menopur but I was switched to gonal f on my next cycle and responded much better x


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