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First level completed. Hurray! What next?


Hi all,

first of all, many thanks for all of you for supporting me through my diagnosis of infertility, which happened quite in a "crude" way (an ectopic pregnancy that doomed my right tube and the contemporary discovery of a left hydrosalpinx) at the end of May this year.

After several (useless) appointments with one of the consultants at our local NHS sub-fertility clinic, we managed to speak to the lead consultant (thanks to a very kind and sympathetic receptionist) at the end of July. She was very nice and super professional, and this reassured me a lot. She booked me for a second laparoscopy, in which my uterus would be checked and my left hydrosalpinx clipped. She also promised us to send the IVF funding paperwork on the same day. However, while the surgery was done very quickly due to a last-minute cancellation (received at 2 pm the day before the surgery!), the IVF paperwork should have been sent for approval only last Friday.

Surgery went very well, the uterus is healthy, the left hydrosalpinx has been securely clipped, and both my ovaries look, according to the surgeon, lovely. Therefore I can say that I successfully completed the first level of what my partner is calling "our new adventure", that is, prepare for IVF.

However, I am now full of doubts about what will happen next.

First and foremost: the sub-fertility clinic is telling me that the procedure for NHS funding approval is very fast and straightforward, and that I should receive an answer in about one week. However, following the other stories here, this does not seem to be the case. Am I, for once, in the lucky side of the NHS postcode lottery? Also, it seems that I will not liaise anymore with the fertility clinic, but the IVF clinic will contact me proposing a first appointment within 18 weeks. Is this true? What are other people's experiences?

Second: I had a lot of hormonal checks since February 2018, when my GP started to prepare the referral for the sub-fertility clinic (my partner and I have been trying for more than 2 years). Is there a "place" where I can check how "good" they look? For instance, my AMH is 2.2 ng/ml which seems to be in line with my age (35 years old) but what about FSH, LH, THS, Prolactin, Oestradiol?

Last (for now!): many people here are speaking about mindfulness apps for IVF. I have downloaded one from the AppleStore (not sure if I can name it, so I will not) but I am not particularly excited about it. Can someone suggest one via direct message?

Many thanks in advance, you are fabulous!

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The ivf referral process was as quick as that in my area and I had an appointment within six weeks. Xx

Great! Thanks for sharing!

Hey. What a journey so far. I hope you are close to your dream (sounds like you are). Couldn't read all your questions and run although I don't know most of the answers... funding should be quick, results - if you Google each you will get a handy guide and finally the app - hope lots of people have messaged you.

Good luck xxx

MofM in reply to Camillage

I am indeed closer to my dream now that I ever was! Really hope that funding will be quick (and positive!). I will Google the results and for the app... no answer yet but I am sure it is only a matter of time :)

Thanks for answering!

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