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First round


Had the phone call yesterday that 8 out of the 10 eggs had fertilised. Is that a good amount?

Embryo transfer will be Monday.

Started with cyclogest pesseries this morning. First one hour and half ago. Just going to drag my self out of bed now. How long should I leave it to have a bath? Or does it have to be a shower? Just that I have slight abodominal pains still from egg collection on Wednesday and a soak seems to help x

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Sounds great! I think no baths until during the whole process I was told. Just showers.


Wow, that's amazing. Well done. Baths ok for now but not after transfer. Good luck xx

Good result! Hope ET goes well. I was told no baths during process, due to risk of infection after EC. Most on here would probably also tell you best to avoid baths until after 12 weeks xx

Oh gosh Il miss not having a bath :(

Thanks for your replies x


That’s great news! Good luck with the transfer 🙏🏼. If you struggle with Cyclogest vaginally then try rectally, much less irritating for me and it absorbs beautifully with no leakage that you can get from the front x

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