First round of ICSI unsuccessful

Had 2 average embryo transfers as day 5 blastocyst on March 15th. Started have sore boobs since the egg collection on the Thursday before and after the transfer had cramping like very light period pain for me. On March 23rd I had very liight pale blood but not much which I though might have been the implantaion but the next day I woke to a very heavy period. Mines were usually heavy anyway but this was way worse. Did the test thwy gave me this morning which juat confirmed what i already knew that it had failed. Heartbroken and difficult to take in. I have no frozen embryos so i have to wait not to see the consultant in 12 weeks to find out what is next. Does anyone know in Northern Ireland do you have to start paying for any further treatment at this stage? 

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  • I am so sorry to hear this Elaine. I know how you feel as my first ICSI just failed and i have no frosties for back up.

    You need to take sometime for yourself and your partner.

    Cant help you on your funding question unfortunately. It seems to be a different set up in different parts of the country which in itself is unfair.

    Wishing you lots of luck going forward and hoping your current pain gets better in the days ahead, xx

  • Thanks LBM1979. I appreciate the well wishes. It sure can be a difficult time after the long it takes to get this far x

  • I am sorry to hear this, I also had my first failed cycle at the beginning of March and don't have any frozen ones either, had my follow up appointment but they are keeping everything exactly the same next time and if this fails we are self funding using donor eggs X 

  • Button do you mind me asking how long they have suggested you wait between fresh cycles?

    Are you happy to be sticking to the same protocol?


  • Thanks Button-123. 

  • She said they used to make you wait three but they now let you start sometimes after two. I was hoping they may change something but I have low amh and my egg quality wasn't great last time, think DE would be better but just want one more try with my own eggs so I don't look back later and wish I had tried x

  • Thats not so bad, they have just confirmed a chemical pregnancy with me, my bleed now which has just started today will not count but have said after another period they would let me try again. I am hoping they change my protocol slightly as the consultant expected me to get more than my 6 eggs as my amh was high.

    I think its the disappointment of not having any frosties either. 

    Hope you get to start again soon. I think you are doing the right thing trying again with your own. There is no real timescales against you when using donar eggs. Lets hope you dont have too.xx

  • It's such a cruel journey, more so for you after getting a positive to find it was chemical (massive hugs)  I was hoping for a change but nothing they can really change so just going to go with it and hope for the best at least we know what to expect this time x

  • Hi, Wifey! I'm so sorry to hear this.. I wish women might not face it at all. But still, unfortunately it happens to us. Here the only thing is we should not blame ourselves. We should take it more like a step to successfully accomplish the program and achieve the aim.

    Keep strong, dear. Sending all positives vibes to you with your next try. Hugs X

  • Thanks Mel! I love all the support 😊

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