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First round of IVF - overwhelmed!


Hi all, we're just about to embark on our first round of IVF as have started my period today. Just feeling a bit overwhelmed, sad that it still hasn't happened naturally but glad we've got a proactive plan to do everything we can to increase our chances. The thought of the cost is scary as I'm 39 so had zero from the NHS. I wish I could just switch my brain off and not think about it and go with the flow......but it's hard when your body is a ticking clock. I don't even know why I'm posting, just wondered if anyone else is feeling the same or anyone else has any advice xx

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Hi Turtleswimmin just wanted to say good luck with your treatment.

Everybody here understands what it's like to have doubts and bad days, you've done the right thing by sharing as it's much better than keeping it bottled up.

People are always here if you want to talk x

Thank you, I definitely does help to talk and know other people understand. My best friend has had several cycles of IVF but it almost makes it harder to talk to her about it so appreciate the support. X

Turtleswimmin good luck! You would be surprised at how many people around you have had ivf or issues conceiving that we do not know about. There is a silent and then less silent community.

Best of luck with your cycle!

Thank you, I have a couple of friends who've had unsuccessful IVF (my BF has had 3) but it makes it hard not knowing anyone who's had a positive experience and I'm trying my very best to be positive xxx appreciate the support x

How exciting. U got this xxx

Turtleswimmin in reply to ama4

Thank you xx

I felt exactly the same. In fact, each time I feel exactly the same. However just focus on the mission. It doesn't matter how you get there. You can do this xxx

Yes I agree, thank you for the encouragement xx

Hey, just wanted to send some love 💕 you’ll be surprised at how many people on here will relate to this! Remember that you’re not on this journey alone - this is a great place for advice & support.

Good luck with your cycle - fingers crossed for a BFP 🤞🏼🌈 xxx

Thank you so much, the replies have been so lovely and really appreciated xxx

All the very best for your treatment and please draw strength from this group, and ask as many questions as you like! It has been a rock to me over the last few weeks! Ivf is very overwhelming and you will go through all kinds of emotions but we're all in it for that great prize at the end! X

Turtleswimmin in reply to Abaco

Yes i agree, my emotions have been all over the place with trying for the last few years. I did get pregnant this time last year but had a miscarriage at 3 months. But I'm feeling positive that we're now being proactive but it's the fear of the unknown I guess as I dont know how i will respond. Really appreciate the support so thank you. X

Abaco in reply to Turtleswimmin

Anytime, always here! X

Abaco in reply to Turtleswimmin

Sorry was in the car and wanted to say more, it is the fear of the unknown but once you get your treatment plan and medication protocol you feel like you are actually moving forward with it and it does become a little easier. All the best X

It's so overwhelming (and confusing!) when you're about to start but once you get going you'll probably feel better - I did because I felt like I was 'doing something'. My clinic have been really good at breaking things down into different stages/steps which has helped me get my head around it all so I'd just say to make sure you ask everything you need/want to and know what the next bit is for you. Good luck with everything xx

Thank you, I agreed completely with the feeling like we're doing something once we start. It's just the uncertainty is scary but I'm sure it'll all be fine and it really helps to have had such supportive comments so thank you xx

Hello, you’re not alone. It is overwhelming, and certain days on the journey you might not feel so overwhelmed. I’m 43, on my first IVF cycle, and I feel a bit guilty on days when I feel anticipation, excitement or dread. Other days I can’t stop reading comments on here and comparing myself. IVF is definitely a test of mindfulness, as everybody is different, comparison is futile. Just keep on doing what you’re doing, and turn down the noise when you need to. Kitty x

Thank you Kitty and i wish you all the luck in the world. I'm just glad I've found this forum as everyone seems so supportive xx

Wishing you so much luck with your first cycle. Hoping for a positive result for you xx

Thank you so much AmieC30 xx

Just remember to be kind to each other and take it a day at a time.

My go to things that helped me; really stretchy soft jogging bottoms, a hot water bottle, adult colouring book,fluffy socks and lots and lots of cuddles xx

Yep, totally get the fear factor with age and money....time just seems to run away with itself! Wishing you lots of luck for success!xx

Thank you so much, the comments are really helpful xx

My main advice would be that you have to take the process day by day. Don’t get too hung up on the projected dates they give you for stuff as it’s just guesswork- mine never matched up with what they thought. And then if you have a partner, make sure they know that you will benefit from encouragement and reminders that you’re doing a good job even if you’re being hormonal and not easy to live with. You can do it x

Thank you, I have said to him that some days I will just need a hug and others I'll need to talk (& I'm guessing alone time too). Thank you for the advice it's really useful and really appreciated xx

This is good. I really needed to know that hubbie appreciated what I was doing, and how hard it was. After our first round he understood this better and remembered to say well done a lot! Even when I was being awful to live with!

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