First round failed :(

Lots of crying since Friday when the brown spotting turned to red and periods started yesterday morning along with a negative test.... despite a 5AA embryo (doc was hopeful it d worked with that quality...) not such a great start to Easter weekend :(

But my hubby has been keeping me busy out of the house and smiles came back.

Now need to look ahead and think about when to do the next round, but this time with a frozen embryo.

Would any of you have any advice how to prepare for that (how long to wait ...)

Thanks and Happy Easter to everyone 🐰🐣

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  • I haven't got any advice I'm afraid, just wanted to say how sorry I am that this round didn't work. Glad you've been looking after yourself and are positively thinking about your little frozen embie already. X

  • Thanks @MrsB76. So hard but just have to keep on going πŸ™ˆ x

  • So sorry your round didn't work, bfn and bleeding before Otd are crushing, but sounds like you've got a good hubby! I had to wait 3 periods with this period being number 1 as they like to let your body return to normal after all the drugs. A frozen cycle is much easier, and depending how many you've got frozen, if it's a natural frozen cycle with no drugs to have to inject then if the first frozen fails you can go again the next month, but hopefully that won't happen for you and you'll get a bfn on your first frozen xx

  • Sorry to hear your first cycle hasn't worked. 😞 We are just 4 weeks after our first failed attempt with a 5ab embryo. Unfortunately we didn't get any to freeze so we're starting again from scratch in May. I wanted to just have a couple of months to get my cycles back, lose some weight and heal emotionally. I think everyone is different but that's us. Some people start straight away and others wait. Just give yourself a few weeks at least to get through the process of 'losing' the embryo I would say before you decide. Fingers crossed your frozen cycle works. Big hug. Vic x

  • Sorry that your first cycle failed, it's an awful feeling.

    My first round of ICSI failed and my embryo was of top quality, and my doctor was shocked it didn't implant. I then had my FET the next period after my failed cycle, I found it gave me focus and helped me grieve the first one failing. I now have an 11 week old perfect baby boy ☺️

    Only you know your body and if you're ready to try again straight away or wait. X

  • I'm sorry to hear your negative result but wanted to wish you the best in your next cycle. Take care of yourself in the meantime xxx

  • Sorry to hear this, our 4th cycle just failed with a 5aa hatching blast, take time to recover and look after yourself xxx

  • Hello,

    I am in exactly the same situation - first ivf, started bleeding last weds, negative test on the Friday. I also have frozen embryos. I don't know about you but I just want to get going again, the thought of waiting 3 cycles seems a lifetime away. Our follow up isn't even til mid May. Can't stop crying, don't want to return to work, feel so sad and angry at the world! It seems so easy for some, and I hate it when people say 'you can do it again can't you? Like there's no emotion involved in the process, it's just too hard! Really hope we both get our dreams in the coming months. We will - hang in there xxx

  • Hey hunny iv been in your position, last December my cycle failed, and i felt like my world had stopped. Your lucky that you have frozen embryos as i didn't have any and now we're about to start our second cycle next week. Just take time to heal and then you will be able to start on your FET :) i have read so many successful stories on this site over the past year where people have got a BFP on a frozen cycle. Best of luck xx

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