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Anyone else feel like a space cadet on buserelin?


Hi ladies

On day 6 of buserelin and am exhausted. I was expecting headaches and hot flashes - am sort of managing those, but walking around like the walking dead not so much. Thankfully I am working from home for the next few days - scared I’ll asleep mid sentence.

Bloating at night hasn’t helped.

Just neeed a little moan - I know it will be worth it in the end x

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Oh no, you poor thing. I did feel like that too. Really tired and quite spaced out. Just not myself at all. As you say, it’ll be worth it in the end xx

Yes - I was quite foggy headed and couldn't even do basic math for a few days! Got better thankfully


Hi Barbara1012. Oh dear! All messing about with your pituitary gland and making you feel menopausal. You will feel better when you start stims bless you. Thinking of you. Diane

Thanks Diane x

I feel the same. We were out for drinks on Friday and I just couldn't focus on holding a conversation. I knew people were asking me questions but I just wasn't processing it! and then on Saturday I went to the shop on the way back from the opticians and bought a few bits including a cucumber. When I got home, the cucumber had disappeared! My husband spotted it today on his way to work under a car outside our flat!?? I've no idea how it got there. Hoping to get my mind back soon!

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Bless you, that is pretty funny though :) xx

Hi Barbara,

Currently taking Buserelin for my 2nd FET and actually on day 6 too.

First time around I felt dreadful but not so bad this time I do feel sleepy and not right but no way near as bad a last time but I can totally sympathize with you.

Good lucky with your Stims


Thank you, all the best xx

Yes absolutely! I felt hungover a lot of the time....without the alcohol which is rubbish!!😂 Shattered, headaches....just rubbish really. It does get a bit better once you start stims so hang on in there!!xx

Thank you, baseline scan next week so hopefully can start the next phase. How are you doing? Xx

Not too long to go then!🤞 I'm having transfer today....nervous & excited!!xx

That’s really exciting!! All the best lovely - don’t forget the big fluffy socks ( I don’t know why, but it can’t hurt:)) - you get to see your little embie I think - am getting all emotional for you. All the best today let me know how it goes xxx

Oh goodness, well for normal I would do but I'm in Athens and it's 30 degrees so don't worry I have hot feet!😂 This is my 4th transfer so know what to expect now! Will update with a post later!xx

Yup, it’s an exhausting drug. And be warned, it get worse the longer you are on it- but it goes pretty quickly once you stop taking it! Are you getting night sweats? They killed me!

Beautiful.. currently a combination of hot flushes and then cold shivers. Only a week left I think (hope!) x

I’ve just done my first injection of buserelin...looks like my hope of swerving the side effects isn’t too promising by the sounds of it!

I hope you’re ok and doing well. Are you doing a medicated FET? Xx

Hey, no - am on my first fresh cycle. Think FET is frozen transfer.. (all the terminology is confusing) but yeah am doing ok thanks - starting to get used to things being a little fuzzy. I try and go for a walk every day and clear my head that’s helped - as well as tons of water.

I thought I stop the buserelin once I started the stimulation phase (hopefully next week) but just realised the buserelin continues until egg collection end of Aug (😱) How long are you on it for? Xx

It’s better once you add in stims though- they sort of counter each other!

Hi! Yes, FET is a frozen embryo transfer. So you must be on a long protocol for a fresh transfer then? You sound as though you’re coping brilliantly, so I’m sure you’ll do great! 😊

I’m doing a medicated FET so I’m on buserelin for about a month (and start oestrogen patches alongside it in about 2 weeks). My transfer will prob be end of Aug/beginning of Sept, so we may be in the 2WW together.

Fingers crossed for a BFP (big fat positive) for both of us 🤞🏼💕🌈

Hi Caza and Barbara

Sounds like I will be on the 2WW with you both my FET will be at the end of August beginning of Sept too.

This is if everything goes like it did last time feeling so rubbish today with the lovely Buserelin side effects in full swing now! xx

Hey, sorry you’re feeling rubbish too. Pleased you’ll on the 2 ww at the same time too. Be good to have people to chat to about it. I am hoping all goes according to plan - I booked the last 2 weeks in August as holiday so am fingers crossed all goes to plan.

Hope you start to feel better xx

It will defo be nice to have others in the 2WW at the same time 😊 I’m wondering how long it’ll take for my side effects to kick in...I reckon by day 3! Haha! I hope you’re not feeling too bad. Sending you loads of love 💕 xx

All sounds so complicated - but I think we’ll both do brilliantly. Feels like a tough emotional journey were tougher than we think!

Would be great if we were both in the 2ww together - heard it feels like a year - so be nice to have someone else going though it. I suspect it’s hard not to pee on a stick every day for 2 weeks :)) xx

I somehow managed to get through my last 2WW without testing early - will be interesting to see if I can hold out this time round!

Yes, we’re defo tougher than we give ourselves credit for - it’s a tough old journey at times!!

Sending you loads of love & positive vibes 💕🌈 xx

Hi, I am on my first fresh cycle and have now started stimming injections. The longer I was on buserelin the better I got, had headaches and felt really dizzy to start with. I ended up being on buserelin for 21 days.. the hot sweats, particularly at night were a killer over all the hot weather. Still have them now a little. Good luck, hope everything goes well x

Hi Lauren, thanks. I have my baseline scan next week to start stimming - can I ask what they look for so I can move to the next stage? Is it the lining thickness? 21 days of this sounds pants!!

Good luck with everything and keep in touch x

They’re looking to check your lining is nice and thin so they know you’ve down regulated x

Thanks Lizzie. I keep reading about how to thicken lining - guess I am at the wrong stage! Jeesh. One of these days the process will make sense xx how are you doing? X

I’m pregnant after third round, finding pregnancy quite hard but very grateful x

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