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IVF Meds-so confused!

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Monday is day 3 of my cycle and my first appointment where I'll have a scan and they'll show me how to do the injections. I've had delivered 'cetrotide' powder and solvent for injection 1 vial x 8, 'ovitrelle' solution for injection 1pre-filled pen, 'gonal-f' solution 1 pre-filled pen and 45 cyclogest pessaries. What do i take first and to the appointment?!?! I'm so confused xxx

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Your ovitrelle needs to ve kept in the fridge. That's The trigger shot you do before egg collection. I think for you you need to take the cetrotide as your gonal f will be your follicle stimulant. What protocol are you on? X

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I'm on a short cycle. Maybe I don't take anything with me, I guess they'll show me there with props what to do?! Thanks x

When I did the 3 day scan, they just gave me the cetrotide and ask me to follow the instructions in the evening. That’s the first injection to take.

I don’t know about gonal-f as I didn’t

use that.

You definitely do not need to bring pessaries as that’s for post egg collection.

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Thank you, this helps. The number of boxes is quite overwhelming x

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