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Stopping IVF meds- anxiety

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Good Morning ladies,

As I am (hopefully) hitting the 12 weeks mark on Saturday, I’ll be stopping my IVF no more Progynova, Estradot, Clexane, and progesterone injections in the morning and evening 🙈

I’ll continue with Crinone, one a day (better to do it in the morning or evening?)

Needless to say that I’m freaking out....

Can you please come to my rescue with your positive stories? 🤞🏻❤️

I’m scared that for some reason I’ll have a drop in hormones and something bad will happen to the baby 😱

Thank you as always 💋💋💋💋💋💋✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

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Hi there !

I was on Progynova, Cyclogest pessaries and progesterone injections following my FET in November.

My specialist got me to stop the progynova and progesterone injections cold turkey by Christmas when I was 9+6, which I did. And I continued my cyclogest under his advice until I was 11+6.

I am 13+3 today and baby is measuring ahead with a strong heartbeat.

At this point as with any viable pregnancy, the placenta has taken over production of all hormones necessary to carry on.

I am not on any hormones anymore and only taking my prenatals. Hope this helps and wishing you an easy and smooth pregnancy 😄

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ToughCOOKIE78 in reply to Pu217

Thank you so much hun, this is reassuring 😃👍🏻❤️Congrats on your pregnancy wishing you all the best xxx

Congrats on hitting 12 weeks. I empathise with your anxiety, I was the same & asked to stay on progesterone to 16 weeks, there is no evidence for staying on it beyond 16 weeks. Though I must warn you that I think the high dose of progesterone along with what my body was making accumulated in depression /anxiety which wasn’t fun. Best to speak with a consultant & get an opinion before making the decision. Coming off oestrogen, Clexane etc will be absolutely fine so don’t stress about them. Big hugs & stay positive Xx

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ToughCOOKIE78 in reply to jengi

Thanks Jengi! I’m following my clinics protocol (although as you can see I’m still very anxious about it), which btw has asked me to continue with one Crinone a day until week 32. I was actually dreaming of the time when I could stop all injections and now that I’m here I don’t want to 😂😂😂xx

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jengi in reply to ToughCOOKIE78

As others have said trusting our bodies is key but hard given what we have each been through. I’m not sure what Crinone is. Also I should say my progesterone was tablet format, I don’t know if that made a difference in the decision to keep me on it until 16 weeks. Xx

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ToughCOOKIE78 in reply to jengi

Crinone is vaginal progesterone...that you inject with an applicator (not so fancy lol) ...I think it absorbs better than pessaries in my case as I have much less discharge! Sorry TMI 🙈😂xx

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jengi in reply to ToughCOOKIE78

Oh that’s good, progesterone is the key hormone in maintaining the pregnancy so if they are keeping you on that then you should be fine. Try not to stress, easier said then done I know! Big hugs Xx

Congratulations!! I totally understand your concerns and I was exactly the same. I was on Lubion and pessaries and had to stop at 12 weeks, I actually carried on for a couple of days until I had my 12 week scan. I was completely fine and I’m now 20 weeks and 3 days abs all is going well. It’s so hard for us to trust our bodies to do what they’re meant to do when we’ve been through treatment but have faith in it!! My Consultant told me my body would be producing enough at 10 weeks and they give you a couple of extra weeks just for reassurance. Wishing you lots of luck xx

Aww 20 weeks congrats Libsie ❤️My 12 weeks scan is next Thursday (12+5) and I’m stopping meds on Saturday, yes it’s difficult to trust our bodies as you said but I need to make more of an effort 🙈🤞🏻Xx

Hey cookie! I have no experience but just wanted to say congrats on getting to this amazing milestone! I’m so happy for you xxxx

Aww thanks Penguin ❤️I’m keeping my fingers crossed until my scan 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻How are you doing hun? Xx

Keep me posted but have everything crossed all will be well 🥰

I’m going okay, bit down in the dumps as would have been able to start my prep for FET this week but my period hasn’t turned up since my failed cycle in December yet! And then found out my TSH has increased since my last bloods in Nov (was 2.92, they increased my meds and now it’s 3.22) so just feel like my body is just not doing anything it should be 😔 I’m hoping I will get over this little bump though but it’s all v frustrating!! Xx

Oh no sorry to hear about your TSH! Which dosage are you on currently? I’m waiting for results to check where I’m at too 🙈I’m on 50mcg a day now...I know it’s easy to say but don’t stress about your period, our bodies need time to deal with the huge dose of hormones IVF involves ❤️Look after yourself hun xx

I was on 50/75 on alternating days in November but they’ve told me to go to 75mcg a day now. Fingers crossed it works this time. Hope your thyroid is doing ok! Thank you for your kind message lovely, I think I just needed to vent ❤️ Xxx

Always here whenever you need to vent hun ❤️Xx

Hi toughcookie! Congratulations on getting to this milestone! I remember this anxiety well about coming off meds! I stopped meds at 12 weeks and I was absolutely fine, currently 17 and baby is doing well so far. I was really anxious for a couple of weeks and obsessed with looking at toilet roll but it was ok! The placenta has taken over by 12 weeks so we don’t need the meds anymore... I hope the rest of your journey goes smoothly! 💖

Thank you so much Rainbow 🌈😍wow 17 weeks! 😍congrats hun! I’m trying to ‘keep calm and carry on’ ...problem is it’s so hard to control anxiety 🥺Wishing you all the best for your pregnancy hun xx

Hi toughcookie!

Totally understand the anxiety about coming off the meds, I was the same when I came off them at 12 weeks. Turned out absolutely fine though, I even felt better for coming off them and baby was fine. The placenta will do all the work after that point. Wishing you all the best in your pregnancy xx

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ToughCOOKIE78 in reply to BandL

Thank you Band, and congrats on your pregnancy ❤️Can I ask what do you mean with you felt better? Did you have symptoms which went away/eased? Shall I expect that you think? Just so I don’t freak out 🙈xx

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BandL in reply to ToughCOOKIE78

Thank you :-) she was born in August. It could have been a complete coincidence of course to go along with the beginning of the second trimester but I felt like I was really hungover and sluggish which went when I stopped taking the meds - didn't stop my morning sickness though it lasted until 14 weeks. I wouldn't like to say to expect or not expect something because everyone symptoms and pregnancies are different but in the second trimester alot of people start feeling less symptoms because of the placenta taking over anyway, so try not to panic about loss of symptoms which is completely normal. Then again some people feel rubbish right the way through - sorry I know that's probably not helpful! It's so hard to relax when you've been through so much to get to this point but huge congratulations and try and enjoy it as much as possible. If it helps my mum bought me a pregnancy journal where I would write my thoughts feelings and anxieties down which I found really helpful. Xx

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ToughCOOKIE78 in reply to BandL

Awww congratulations 🥳😍❤️A girl! 😍I hope you had a good birth experience, with this bloody Covid around 🙈I wouldn’t mind feeling a bit better as I’ve been really rotten 😃but at the same time not too much otherwise I’ll freak out 😂it’s so difficult to keep calm 🙈thank you for your comments xxxx sending love to you and your precious daughter ❤️

Hi there, I remember that anxiety well when I was stopping my my medication including cyclogest. While my clinic told me it absolutely wasn’t necessary, I agreed a protocol with them to taper the medication before completely stopping, meaning I carried on past approx 14 weeks, by which point I had more reassurance from my 12 week scan and the NHS tests they do on placental blood flow, which made me feel comfortable it had really taken over and everything was working as it should. That really helped with my anxiety, although my doctor was clear it would have been fine just to stop. I just wanted to share in case that helps you at all with managing this x

Thank you so much Seaside! I didn’t know the NHS does tests on placenta blood flow?when will they do that- at the nuchal translucency appointment? Xx

No problem! They look at that at the 12 week scan and also conduct a Papp-A test as part of the NHS combined test. This tests for a certain hormone secreted by the placenta in the blood. This is believed to play an essential role in the early growth of the placenta and the formation of the placental bed. Hope that helps x

Oh I didn’t know! Thank you so much this is so so helpful! 😃❤️💋

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