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Travelling with IVF needles/meds

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So we have now started injecting for the next three months- this means we will be injecting during a holiday to Portugal, has anybody had any experience travelling with the medication, needles and syringes? My consultant said he could give me a letter just feel a bit weary of travelling with this.

Thank you

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Hiya... I had treatment abroad and had to travel with a load of injections and pills and potions... Dr letter covered it to put with them and had in hand luggage and at x ray gave to staff, they checked letter and tested medicines... Easy peasy.. I was worried too.. And I changed flights in the Ukraine for Greece... Good luck and have a lovely holiday xxx

Currently in Cyprus and has to do the same. All went really well wasniust upfront at check in and security gave them the letter before they asked xx

I got a letter from the clinic and carried it in my hand luggage. Didn't mention it to check in and didn't get questioned going through security!

I did the same. I put the meds in a clear bag and had doctors letter. They didn't say anything at all.

I did as my treatment was abroad.i put it all in a carry on small case with the letter inside.we were never even stopped going thru security which I found so bizarre!!definitely don't put in hold luggage if your luggage was lost or delayed for any reason it could mess up your protocol!!

It honestly is fine taking it like this x

Yes I have had to travel many times with Meds.

Get a signed letter from you consultant on headed paper.

I actually point out when I am going through that I have medication and make it obvious.

You will be fine and you could always get them to call the clinic if they get funny about it.

It is also believe the 100ml single amounts.

I went through Heathrow 3 months ago. They wanted the liquid put in the clear bag (take extra saline if you are on stims incase they want you to break a vial for testing). As long as it's below the 100ml and it's in the bag it's fine as a carry on. They didn't bat an eye at the syringes but I had a letter from the hospital explaining it was essential medication and a copy of the prescription.

Worst thing for me was i was in mid air at the time of injecting so I had to "shoot up" in Warsaw ladies loo before flying. Not pleasant.

Thank you so much. We have obtained a letter and we will carry the necessary medications with us in our hand luggage x

How do you keep them cold. The ones my daughter is taking have to be kept cold?

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Cool bag?

Yes but you can’t use ice packs if more than 100 ml.

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