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Had IVF Overseas, Meds & injections in the UK, where?


Hello ladies,

Seeking your advice. Thank you for reading.

My IVF embryo transfer procedure was Thursday (i'ts Sunday now). I'll be travelling back to the UK tomorrow night (Monday). I've got 3 blood tests to do when I get back, (Wed 27th June, Tues 3 July, Thurs 5 July). I googled where to go in London, not worried about the blood tests, found where (will find out if pregnant from 3rd blood test). Because I'm 40 (will turn 41 in a few months) my doctor said that aside from Delestrogen injections (through weeks 12-14), I'll have to do Clexane injections throughout the 9 months and a few weeks after delivery, to prevent blood clots. I can only take so many meds & injections with me on flight back. I have no idea where to go for meds&injections if pregnancy is successful/confirmed after 5 July. Shall I book an appointment with my GP? Where else can I find help with prescriptions? Hope I get the hang of it (doing injections myself, that worries me too, not finding where to get them done at first), but #1 is how and where to get them prescribed. Please help and thanks so much.

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You will need to get a prescription from your clinic to bring home with you, I got my clexane injections from my local chemist with a private prescription from my clinic. Hope that helps xx

Edie_2018 in reply to Aleelilook

Thank you, Aleelilook!

Try Asda first, they don't make a profit from ivf meds so are usually the cheapest, although Clexane is used for many other reasons and not sure if they would class that as an ivf drug. Most private pharmacies should be able to give you a quote, so just try your nearest one and compare price with Asda x

Sarah_S in reply to Sarah_S

Just to add, visit your gp first - from reading this forum it seems a bit hit and miss if they will prescribe post transfer drugs but you might get lucky! x

Edie_2018 in reply to Sarah_S

Thank you, Sarah! I'll try ASDA and fingers crossed my GP will want to help!


Hi Edie_2018. You should be given a prescription from your clinic abroad. Take it to your GP who may rewrite a private one for you to dispense. Just need proof of treatment received and drugs prescribed. Good luck! Diane

Thank you, Diane. Oh good I asked my doctor to write a letter with details of treatment&timeline and I've got prescriptions for after the 2 week wait. Thank you!

Looking at your blood tests I think maybe you went to Poland? That was the bloods we needed. The dr and hospital would not do tests as levels to high. You need to get somewhere that measures high levels. We used The Doctors laboratory London. They send out kits. They were quick for results. Also if you get your doctor abroad to write prescription in English you can use boots etc for meds. First time round was a nightmare getting bloods drugs etc. second time we bought everything we needed there to save stress lol xxx

Hi Snuggles144, thank you for your message. Going there for the blood test, first one is today. I called last week and was told they do walk-ins with request form filled out by doctor abroad and they'll email results. Treatment was overseas non-EU, hence my concern about websites that sell Clexane, I found one saying to send in a prescription for it, provided the Doctor is registered in the EU.

Good luck with your tests. When your abroad for treatment it can be a nightmare and very expensive, I think £152 per bloods x 3 and very stressful. If we ever do it again most definitely will be in UK mainly for those reasons. Have everything crossed for you xxx

Thank you, Snuggles144. Best wishes xxx

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