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Day 27 Spotting OR Period following IVF - so upset and confused

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I am having such an awful day. After remaining positive and realistic, I found myself crying in the toilets at work.

I have PCOS and stage 4 endometriosis. I've had my first IVF round and I'm on cycle day 27. I had my embryo transfer 10 days ago and due to take a pregnancy test on Sunday (2 days time).

I have very light vaginal blood, I also have alot of creamy vaginal mucus ( tmi sorry!)

I also am losing a little blood from my bowel (I have a joint womb and bowel due to endometriosis).

Is there any possibility this could be spotting this late on day 27?

I need honesty so if it's not, please do say. I thought I'd mentally prepared myself for a BFN!

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Hi Ljayne, I’ve been bleeding since 6days post a 5 day transfer. I am 7 weeks and 2 dats pregnant and still bleeding. I had a big bleed and clot on Sunday and still pregnant.

Unfortunately, as I’ve learnt, blood doesn’t indicate that it hasn’t worked, it’s just those tests we do and any confirmation from the clinic from blood tests or vaginal scans. It’s an absolute crazy ride and your anxiety will reach the roof. All I’ll say is don’t guess yourself, so far I’ve been so wrong. Just test when you’re due to and go from there. Best of luck xx

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Ljayne in reply to PenneyPots

Thank you for your very speedy and honest response to my question, I really appreciate it. Congratulations, I am so happy for you xx


I can not comment on the bleeding after IVF as I am not that far in the process.

However, I doubt very much that there isn’t a person on this forum who hasn’t spent time crying in the toilets at some point in this process. I hope you have someone you can talk to. I decided to tell a couple of people I trust in my work and it has been a huge support. Take care x x

I don't think it's definite either way. Don't rule anything out until you take your test.

Sending positive thoughts your way and hoping for a positive result for you!

Thank you so much for your replies. Sadly, it was AF and I've taken a pregnancy test to confirm that's the case.

I'm not going to lie, it's been extremely tough and I'm devastated but I've got to be strong and give this all I can. Thank you for all your support x

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