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ICSI success

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Never thought we'd get this far, but goes to show it is possible! 8 months pregnant now, and I'm so lucky and grateful. Just 2 frozen blastos from a mega batch egg collection. The first failed, and the second one took. Maybe my polyp removal helped, or maybe it was just a stronger egg, who knows. The whole thing can be such a mystery.

I found being part of this network really supportive. Want to wish everyone here the very best of luck on their journeys, whatever stage you're at. Be kind to yourselves xxx

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Congratulations x

Such a positive update xx

What a lovely post 😊 congratulations 💕 xx

Congratulations, lovely to hear positive stories x


Brilliant news. Thank you so much for sharing the positive. It is really very encouraging xx

This is lovely news! Wishing you a comfortable and happy final month 😊xx

Congratulations! I had success through ICSI too and I'm currently 26 weeks :) xx

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That's great news! Wishing you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy x

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Thank you, you too xx

Thanks everyone, and best wishes to you all xxx

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