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Reading someone else's similar post has made me think that I should also post my success story. I had icsi in september last year (first attempt), they managed to harvest 6 eggs, 2 of which fertilised successfully. I had both transplanted back in on day 2. Both were successful and I became pregnant with twins. Unfortunately I lost one of the twins at 21 weeks. The good news is that his sister is currently 8 weeks old and healthy.

Just wanted to say that sometimes it does work first time.....wish everyone good luck with their treatments.

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  • A big thank you to you debh for sharing your success story

  • Thank you for sharing your experience. I start my injections on Sunday for my first frozen cycle having abandoned the fresh cycle when I developed OHSS. I am starting to feel quite anxious about it so its great to hear a success story. We managed to get 13 frozen embryos so fingers crossed xx

  • Good luck scribble1603

  • I start my downregulation tomorow and keeping my fingers crossed that i can start stimulation after my next period without any complications. I am down for icsi aswel. And i have been told that there might be about 4-6 eggs to collect. So hearing your story gives me a bit of hope

  • Good luck shirley100 ... It really does only take 1 egg to work

  • It's great to hear success stories, my first ICSI hasn't worked unfortunately but we have another 2 goes at this NHS funded.... I just pray that'll work the next-time! This fills me full of hope for the future :) xxx

  • Fingers crossed for next time mrsb2b

  • This is so true. I had successful icsi first time and am 6 weeks pregnant. 2 embryos transferred and both implanted. Had scan today but unsure if 2nd one is growing as a lot smaller and no heart beat. Am praying it'll grow but at least we have one big and strong with perfect heart beat. We have another scan I'm 10 days to see if the other has grown or not x

  • Good luck LRH fingers crossed for you xxx

  • Good luck ladies

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