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Icsi with success!

Just to let everybody know ! We had a successful birth through icsi, with a 2 embryo transfer and one successful embryo implanting.

It just shows icsi does work! If anybody would like to know any questions regarding , diagnosis , treatment , diet, step by step information or just for emotional support , I'm always here to answer your questions.

Thank you

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Hi mrandmrsx,congratulations!is that ivf that you had?im on metformin and clomid combined and ivf will be the next option for us if that doesnt work but I dont know much about it.great to hear a success story.xx


IVF & ICSI are very similar , ICSI is usually required when the egg/sperm cannot fertilize without further help . See first Video on ICSI and second Video on IVF.




I would love to be given any advice on icsi. We lost all our eggs after they did not fertilized with Ivf. Don't think I've ever been so upset to have nothing to freeze or use at the end of treatment. We have been told next time we will be going with icsi so hopefully we may have a better result. We are unexplained Ivf after 5yrs of trying, think we now know it's a problem with the shell being too tough. We are back to our consultant next month to discuss why things didn't work out and how to move forward. Xx


I Honesty think icsi will work for you. because one sperm is individually selected and inserted inside one egg. Its incredible click the link below to see how it works.

We had 12 eggs only which of 8 fertilized into a embryo.

After 3 days we had two embryos which one was a grade 2 and the other was a grade 3 which was fragmented.

We had the option to Transfer both on day 3 as the consultant believed they wouldn't develop into a blast.

We was disappointed at the time we did not get a grade 1 or even get to blast. and all of other embryo's needed to be discarded.

But it just shows you just need one embryo that will fertilize and carry on to develop after transfer.

Im confident you will have a successful icsi.


Thanks for posting this content. ICSI treatment is the supreme way to conceive the pregnancy. Just check this link and get the full details on ICSI treatment. ivfcentreinindia.com/icsi-t...


Big congratulations with the birth of your baby....i get very very happy when i hear about a success on ivf. Im going to go thru with it soon. I will b starting my downregulation from thursday. I will b doing this for the 4th. As last 3 times, my uteres lining was too thick to start stimulation. So i hope this time it will b ok. Our diagnosis is my husband has a bery low sperm count and my ovarian reserve is low. We down for icsi too. Any advice from you will be highly appreciated


I Have a low sperm count, which each time was completely different, i did notice a dramatic difference when i took cool showers rather than bath and wore different underwear less fitting. as well as eating a extremely healthy diet and not putting hot devices on my lap such as laptops.

Samples below

0.5 Million per Ml

4 Million per Ml

0.9 Thousand per Ml

8 Million Per ML

14 Million Per Ml after healthy diet as discussed above.

ICSI is amazing and without it we wouldn't of had children . I believe icsi will work for you!

Stay positive

See video below .


Excellent news, congrats, lovely to hear of positive stories x


Thank you, if your going through ivf or icsi, we wish you all the best.


Congrats so happy for u.... I have also just done icsi had 2 embryos put back in had a positive test 2wks ago cudnt b any happier :-D... Go for my 1st scan a week tomorrow so excited... So any advise would b a great help xxxx


Congratulations on your Positive you have already done fantastic.

No Hot baths ! or water bottles and dont eat anything with liver, Keep eating Healthy and give you body and baby the best ingredients to develop, just simple things such as the five a day rule.

Drink lots or water with crushed ice or decaf tea and decaf coffee as a substitute to coffee and tea which is high in caffeine.

Well done and keep up the good work.


Thank you for the links. You must be so please it worked for you, sending huge congratulations! It all seems so very far away at the moment but I hope my husband and I will also be lucky one day. How long did you rest for after icsi? And how much time off work did you take? Also did you change much diet wise?



Q:How long did you rest for after icsi?

A: A good two days bed rest , if you could get a week that would be amazing.

QAnd how much time off work did you take?

A: This would depend on your Job title, if you have a stressful role, i would recommend time out for at least the first 6 weeks. You always feel better after the 6 week scan and have less worries.

Q:Also did you change much diet wise?

A: We knocked take always on the head but we already had a good diet, salad, fruit and veg, we like our salads , sun dried tomatoes , feta cheese , peppers , balsamic vinegar the lot ! we both cut out Alcohol completely. not only will it make you healthy it will give you body the best chance for the embryo to implant.

If you both dont have the best diet or even have a good diet , try and up your intake in quality fresh foods.

Exercise often, with nice steady walks.


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