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How long before Af returns after failed fresh cycle


I was expected af 10 days ago after failed fresh cycle and then due to start fet straight away. It’s still not here. Anyone had similar experiences ? Thanks x

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Hi, after my failed fresh cycle it took 2 months for my period to come. I was desperate for it to come so I could do fet but I guess my body needed to recover after all the drugs

Fran35 in reply to KB11

Did you do your fet when it arrived on that cycle ? Funny how you get obsessed with dates and then nothing goes to plan x

KB11 in reply to Fran35

I did yes and now doing natural FET because I want to be drug free.

Completely obsessed yes, hard not to be, I've had 2 failed rounds and I've wanted to try again straight away but it doesn't always work that way, cycles not being right etc. In the end we booked a holiday and decided to wait until 3rd round so we could just enjoy ourselves and for us to be in control of things a little bit

It took 42 days for mine so I know the feeling. We were going to do the FET straight away too but I just wasn’t ready mentally or physically. Hope it comes soon for you lovely. X

Fran35 in reply to Em2405

Thanks. Such a pain. I was so looking forward to starting fet and moving on. Now wondering should I do fet I’m this cycle. X


Have you done a pregnancy test? X

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