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Period after failed cycle


Hi, wondering if anyone can help? I had a period 8 days post transfer on 11th October, should have had a period again over a week ago and still nothing with no symptoms. Have done a test and am not pregnant, another heart wrenching negative, would think I would be used to that by now! Anyway, just wonder if anyone else can share their experience? I wonder if this is normal? appreciate any advice!! 🙂

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Hey honey

Sorry for your BFN, I feel your pain just got my BFN few hours ago and without a bleed either 😢

However after a fail it takes a little whiles to get your body clock back on track and all the drugs to come out your system it can possibly cause delays.

For what you have been through its only normal for your body to be in 6 and 9's.

When u want it to come its doesn't and when you don't want it to come it does how evil is she eh.

Just take time let your body heal process your loss and in time you be back on track.


Phoebe79 in reply to Hidden

Thanks for your reply. I'm so sorry for you, especially how recent it is for you, I totally understand how you feel and the pain you must be in, makes me even more grateful that you have taken the time to reply, you are clearly a very strong and caring woman. Take care of yourself and lots and lots of luck on your journey to be a mum.xx

Hi phoebe 79. Sorry to hear about you bfn😥 The exact same thing happened to me after my first recently failed IVF cycle. First my period came during the 2ww which I wasn't expecting (thought I'd at least get to test day before my period started), then my next period was very late and even though I thought it would just be the after effects of the IVF, I still allowed hope to seep through...until the pregnancy test came back negative. Period still hasn't returned to normal (still late) but have found it helpful in the past month to plot my temperature on a bbt chart, as could see that I was ovulating later and therefore knew not to expect my period until later. Hope you're okay x

Thank you! I will try monitoring my temp. Sorry to hear about your failed cycle, hope you are keeping strong, and good luck with everything.xx

Hi phoebe79. We had a failed ivf in September and bleed in 2ww. Next 2 periods were both late. As the other ladies have said the drugs seem to cause this to most women. I got hopeful on both occasions. AF is very cruel!!! Hope you get back to normal soon and best of luck for your journey to come.☺

I was about to post the same question as I had my second failed round of fresh IVF in October (ET on 9th then got my period on 18th, five days before I was due for my blood test) I am normally pretty spot on 28 days but it's now been 36 days and nothing! It's all very frustrating as I'm meant to be aiming for a frozen cycle in January but it's impossible to plan anything when your body is all over the place! Fed up of putting my life on hold for nothing :(

Sorry for rant but I just really wanted to say I feel your frustrations!

Good luck with everything x

Yeah it's horrendous! I am now day 44 although started to feel today like my trusty friend might be on the way! We are also hoping for another cycle in Jan, it's stressful to think my body isn't recovering quickly and might not be up to a 2nd cycle. Anyway, that's my reciprocal rant over! Lots and lots of luck to you.x

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