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Endometriosis and IVF injections


Has anyone else found thier IVF injections has caused thier endometriosis to flare I'm on day 5 300ml of merinonal and I woke up with excruciating lower back/ bowel pain like I get on my period Sunday night I've had two days off work because I feel dreadful when I spoke to the hospital she said this normal and not to worry I can take cocodemal and hot water bottle and baths to help. Just wondered if anyone else has experience with this? 


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Sorry merional! 

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Mayaudrey

Hi Mayaudrey.  Oh you poor thing!  You seem to be at the worst end of the side effects caused from the use of Merional. They are all normal, but you seem to have them all.  Hope it soon settles and you can get on with you treatment cycle without too much discomfort. Good luck!   Diane

I seemed to have more pain later, we all get different symptoms. But yes the drugs will have a strong reaction. Rest up and take the drugs x

Thanks that's great it's good to know it's all normal! I'm feeling a little better after giving myself a little tlc the last couple of days! Xx

Hi, just wondered how you got on with the injections and ivf cycle? We're about to start our first cycle of ivf and I'm really worried about the affect the drugs/egg collection will have on me due to the endo. Any advice would be appreciated x

Hey I did find the injections made me quite sore I get a lot of back and bowel pain and this seemed to be worst on the injections. I was also quite sore after the egg collection. It did settle down after transfer though. I had a persistent bleed but I don't think this was related to the endometriosis. Good luck for your cycle It went a lot quicker than I expected and even though mine wasn't successful I felt I learnt a lot from it and I wasn't deterred from trying again :-) I hope yours runs smoothly and you get a positive result xxxx

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