IVF Meds - some advice please

Dear ladies, I was hoping you may be able to give me some advice. My IVF clinic abroad is offering to either a) send me my prescriptions (for injections and pessaries) and then I would need to fill them at a local pharmacy of my choice OR b) they use an online pharmacy called Fertility2U, where they supply this establishment with my prescription and then my order is filled and delivered by them.

I have no idea what to pick as this is my first IVF attempt, but I am well aware that the medication can cost a packet! There is no way to get a quote from Fertility2U unless I am already in possession of the script, so not much use, as I will be required to advise the clinic which option BEFORE I receive my first meds.

Has anyone got any experience of the above? What did you do?

I would be so grateful for some guidance. I am not an indecisive person, but this IVF malarkey has both my hubby and I spinning in circles :)

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  • Hi Countrycat,

    I had treatment in Czech Rep. For my first cycle I got my meds from pharmacy2u, it was really easy as my clinic just sent them the prescription. And they delivered the meds to me. But they were expensive.

    So for my FET I got the clinic to post the prescription to me and git the meds from Asda 😀, so much cheaper, as Asda don't make s profit out of ivf meds. This was nearly 2 years though, but I am sure Asda still provide the meds cheaper.

    Hope that helps


  • You're a legend, that is so helpful! I am also having IVF in the Czech Republic... 😀

    There is a large Asda Superstore about 20 minutes away from where I work, so this may be a good solution. I appreciate your reply and so hope your treatment was a success xx

  • I found that asda was the cheapest place when looking around this cycle! Like they were £300 cheaper than my clinic offered via stork! X

  • Thank you Katie, that is a lot more reasonable. Grateful for your input x

  • Hi CountryCat, I would highly recommend buying from ASDA as they don't charge a margin on fertility drugs, so you get it at a cost price. I did try a couple of online places, but they worked out much more expensive. . . good luck x

  • Great, thanks Ditsy. It seems that ASDA is the place to go and I would never have known it it was not for the advice on the forum. Cheers!

  • Hi. Rest of folks have recommended Asda as do I, they are fab, and very helpful on the phone too. They will work from a fax, or order from your request over the phone, but they will need the original prescription when you collect. High Wycombe are awesome.

    My clinic put me on Lentogest, which Asda could only source really expensively.. I got it from fertility2u in the end and they were better value than the pharmacy the clinic recommended. Fertility 2u worked from a fax, then needed the original mailing to them. Reliable, helpful on phone or on email, delivery came when expected. xx

  • Thanks Coracle. I didn't have much joy with my local ASDA as they stubbornly refused to fill my prescription because it came from an overseas clinic. They said I would have to go to a local GP and get everything redone on a British prescription. Trying to get a doctor's appointment at my clinic is fun and games...you can wait days! In the end I got fed up with the pharmacist's snotty attitude and got all my meds through Fertility2U, who were super professional and nowhere near as expensive as I had feared.

    I am positive ASDA is the pkace to go, just a shame my particular branch had a couldn't be bothered attitude.

    Keep us posted on your precious eggs 😀

  • Ah..good info for others treading the same path though CC. Glad fertility2u were good for you too. Thank you for the encouragement and egg wishes! x

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