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Hello everyone,

Bit of history (I’ll try and keep it short) just incase you don’t know my story.

After going around the houses and various appointments I had a laparoscopy in Feb ‘18 and I was diagnosed with endo stage 2, I was told after 18 months of trying that both my tubes were blocked due to the endo and that I would never have fallen pregnant naturally.

My consultant managed to free my tubes from what they were attached too and told me that he had managed to unblock one. Hooray we now had some sort of chance...

So this cycle I have had some mid cycle bleeding mostly pink and slightly dark red (sorry for tmi) and lots of ewcm since my ovulation day also odd for me, other than a bit of bloating and 4 days of headaches and blocked sinuses nothing else that really signals anything positive.

Has anyone else either had similar symptoms or no syptoms and still gone on to have a positive bfp?

Thank you in advance

Kelly xx

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I have endometriosis so I can relate to how frustrating endo as endo can havoc with cycles and make you think you have “ symptoms “. Many times I’ve been “fooled” by endo.

I conceived last year ( but miscarried) and I had no symptoms at all; literally it felt like my period was coming the whole time. What you have to remember is early pregnancy symptoms vs PMS are identical and are impossible to tell apart. I couldn’t anyway!

Good luck for testing day hope it’s a BFP ❤️ xoxo

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kelsbels88 in reply to Hidden

Thanks dear for the reply know you have a lot going on at the minute. I’ll see what happens otd is 19th so I’ll keep going.

Hope all is ok with you xx

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Hi Kelly. I think you are just going to have to ride this cycle out and see what happens. As you will probably be aware, after surgery, cycles can be a little hap hazard for a few months, so it could just be the settling down that's happening. i would give yourself 6 months post operation and if you haven't become pregnant and if your cycles haven't returned to what is normal for you, then you probably need to be checked out. Hope all is soon OK - or indeed you soon are pregnant. Diane

Hi Diane Thanks for the reply

As you said I’ll see how I go and if nothing changes I’ll get it checked out.

Kelly xx

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DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to kelsbels88

Definitely. Good luck! Diane xx

Just an update tested this morning it was negative xx

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Camillage in reply to kelsbels88

So sorry about that oregan_k. Big hugs x

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