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Hi any advice welcome 🙏🏼


Hi ladies (and gents)

I will try and keep this short but could do with some advice however I know not many may be able to help but thought I’d put it out there...so...

I was diagnosed in Feb last year with what they told me was stage two endo and that my tubes were blocked but one was cleared during the laparoscopy.

Fast forward a few months I then attended another appointment where I was told that they felt I had been misdiagnosed and that my endo was actually quite severe and not the mild stage 2 we thought. After a load of tests and various explanations I was told that my pouch of Douglas was obliterated with endo and that my bowel is attached to my ovary which is then attached to my uterus wall. We would desperately Love to have a baby and were told we would have to choose between having surgery to clear as much endo as possible as they couldn’t adequately reach my left ovary or try ivf but only have viable eggs from the right ovary whilst also clearing endometrial cysts.

Fast forward to today...

we had the consultation to discuss what they know and where I’m at and what to do next. They spoke about colon surgery as my bowel is affected and an mri and potentially removing the unreachable tube if badly damaged.

So I’m really hoping that some of you on here my have some stories of what’s happened to you and how you’ve felt moving forward after

Your surgery.

Thanks for reading

Kelly xx

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Hi oregan,pm me, happy to discuss my exp.

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Pm’ed you xoxo

Hi oregan, I don't have any experience with this but there are ladies on here who've had similar problems and have had successful outcomes.

Massive luck and love to you and wishes for your every success. Xxx 😘

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Thank you so much

just hoping they see my post 🙏🏼😉

Hope all is well with you xxx


This lady might be able to help you jess1981 as she suffered badly with endo and is now pregnant

in reply to Hidden

Thank you 😊

Hey I can't help but I see Hidden has suggested jess1981 . If you look back her posts you might get some useful info as she had similar issues with endo on POD. Hopefully she also give you a shout too as she is really knowledgeable and pregnant so has success after a long long time!! Best of luck with it all!xx

Oh Cinderella5 thank you for replying 😘 xx

Hey lovely sorry you are going through this ☹️

I’m not sure of my stage but I had endometriosis on my POD, uteroscaral ligaments & rectum, it was bad enough to need 3 surgeries within 13 months.

If it was me I would have the surgery then proceed with treatment to know it has the best chance of working. Implantation can be affected if your endometriosis is growing in POD / and or uterus.

If you do go down the surgery route make sure it’s with an endometriosis specialist that is BSGE registered not just a gynaecologist. Any severe/complicated endometriosis should only be dealt with by an BSGE registered endometriosis specialist. You can find a centre near you by visiting bsge.org.uk

After having my last surgery by this time by an endometriosis specialist I am now nearly 19 weeks pregnant. I swear having all all the endo removed made this pregnancy have a better outcome ( last time when some was left I suffered a loss)

I followed the anti inflammatory diet, took bee propolis & low dose aspirin to ease my endometriosis symptoms & to buy me some time to fall!

My fertility doctor told us we had plenty of time to still fall I was 36 at the time & referred me to an endometriosis specialist. My symptoms were very bad & definitely having an effect on my quality of life. My symptoms have really eased since the pregnancy 👍

Please feel free to read my older posts I won’t bore you with the story it’s very long! It was frustrating with all the waiting between many referrals & surgery but it was definitely worth all the waiting 😘

I wish you the best with whatever you decide to do xoxo

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Hello lovely 😊

We’ve spoke about this before so I’ve got a pretty good idea what’s been going on and been following your posts.

I am still now (after a meltdown yesterday) sure that going for surgery is the right option for me, it’s just so hard when you think about the long waiting lists and the amount that you have to suffer in pain before anything is going to be done. Plus the ache of wanting a baby that you know is so far on the horizon it hurts.

My surgeon is most definitely bsge registered - wouldn’t have that any other way no ones cutting my butt and not being properly qualified 😂😂😉

Glad all is going well with you and everything is moving along smoothly and thank you so much for your response 😘 xxx

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Thank you.

Glad you’ve a BSGE registered specialist 👍

I got my GP to write to the surgeon as my symptoms worsened & within a day of that letter I was offered a date 2 weeks later. So if your symptoms are bad talk to your GP 👍

Waiting around & delays are tough going. ☹️I put trying on from January till July last year. But if it improves your chances of having a baby it’s worth it 👍 It’s crappy dealing with endometriosis when you’re a baby is on the agenda most treatment of endometriosis suppress the cycle 🤦🏽‍♀️

Hopefully the surgery will give you some relief from your symptoms 🙂

All the best. Do keep us updated xoxo

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