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38 with severe endometriosis and blocked tubes

Hi everyone, i'm new here but am starting a new chapter in my life as am TTC so looking for advice and support from others in a similar situation. I had an ultrasound yesterday and was told that both my tubes were damaged and blocked with blood from the endo so my best chance of conceiving would be through IVF. Due to my age and low ovarian reserve (7.4) it might be tricky so wondering whether IVF worked for others in a similar situation. It seems my uterus and the lining is ok. I am currently thinking of having 3 cycles should I need them but would a laparoscopy to remove some of the endo first improve my chances of IVF? Best wishes to all out there, Emma x

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Hi Emma

I am new ish on here (well around month). I think your dr is right, with blocked tubes, your only realistic chance of conceiving is via IVF. I am 37 and have severe endo as well, and after my lap last month, the surgeon said although my tubes were open, realistically I could only really go down the ivf route with a very small chance of conceiving naturally. He also said due to age, I should hurry. I would suggest that you cook an app with your gp and discuss some of your options. As long as you have been trying to conceive, you and partner are both non smokers and do not have children previously you should be eligible for a round on the nhs - where are you based? I have decided to go privately as I due to my pain that I suffer from endo daily, I can't wait around for long nhs waiting times plus I will also be 38 in March so time is not on my hands. I would also suggest that you don't jump straight into paying for 3 cycles in one go as you never know - the first may work. I thought the same as you and kept thinking in my head- Its better I pay for 3 upfront. I was advised from one of the clinics that the consultant would tell me if I would need the 3 cycle package or better to try and go for the single one to begin with. I have chosen my private clinic, and if you need further info - message me and I would be happy to discuss further. All the best with what you decide x


Thanks for your response which is really helpful. I don't really have time on my side so will go private. I'm based in Crystal Palace, South London and haven't really investigated the NHS route and the waiting times are putting me off. I will message you about clinics, thank you so much for getting back I don't feel so alone now x


That's ok Emma, we are all pretty much all going through something on here so all here to help one another through some difficult times. You are not alone, no worries, will talk to you on messaging x


Hi Emma,

I'm 38 and have been trying to get pregnant for the last 5 years. I've had 5 IVF cycles, but it was all failure. And in the end I've been diagnosed with thin endometriosis :( That means no more IVFs for me(

But I really really hope that your story will have a happy ending!


Hi Hannah I'm really sorry to hear that, it must be very difficult. I have spoken to my husband and we don't want this to 'consume' us so if it doesn't happen for us we may have to plan a different life for ourselves. I guess we all have to be strong as it's such an unpredictable road. Best wishes.


My husband proposed to consider surrogacy, but I don't want anything for now. I might give it a try, though, but with my eggs only. And no sooner than 2018. I asked about surrogacy experience here, but haven't received any answers yet.

My point is that there's still hope, a last chance to have a baby


Hi Hannah yes I think there are still options even after IVF and it's good to consider everything in total before making decisions. I'm definitely more open minded about other options should IVF not work out.

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I'm also an Emma! 38! With severe endo. I only have one ovary and tube as an endo cyst in may 2016 took my other side.

I went straight to ivf due to nhs funding stopping at 39 in my ccg with amh of 7.8 And one ovary. I'm currently 28 weeks pregnant first icsi ivf treatment.

Experts will give you opinion that removal of endo with a lap might increase the chances of conceiving naturally however with blocked tubes wouldn't the lap be to remove the tubes if they are damaged? I know i have active endo and still managed to have a successful cycle.

Writing this quickly at my lunch. Any questions and feel free to ask or message x


Hi Emma! Thanks for getting in touch and lovely to hear your story :) Very pleased for you. I'm going to see my Gynaecologist on Monday to discuss treatment options so they may suggest removal of the tubes or other surgery - not sure at the moment. I'm keen to just get on with the IVF as I don't have bad enough pain not to go to work or carry out daily tasks etc. I will go privately to save time. I will message you with a few questions x


I have stage 4 endo, bilateral endometrioma, one tube, and an AMH of 3.2 when I was 36. Had IVF some years later and it worked first time. I had fairly good response to the drugs despite everything. I know I am one of the lucky ones but its worth a try and your AMH is okay.

Have you had any endo surgery yet? I'd recommend it and dont let them put you on strong hormone treatment prior to IVF. It doesn't work

If you search NICE guidelines for endo, they have published new guidelines today about endo and it includes fertility considerations.

Is the endo on your ovaries? I would recommend they drain the cyst and not do excision - i think that saved my eggs. Oddly, NICE are recommending excision on the endometrioma which was against what i was told at Oxford..

There are lots of articles today, Guardian, BBC, Telegraph, Skynews, dailymail - every paper has covered Endometriosis today - and most of these articles link to the NICE guidelines


Thanks for your email and good to hear about your success story! I haven't had any surgery yet but am seeing my Gyn on Monday to talk through the options. They have already recommended IVF. I do have cysts on both ovaries so I just hope they can access the follicles. My gyn is focusing on my fertility rather than pain (as I don't have too much) and hopefully what he recommends will preserve what I have for IVF.


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