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Making an appointment for possible Cyprus ICSI (tandem cycle) how long does this process take anyone? X

Im calling hospital on Tuesday to make an appointment to see the doctor who has a donor clinic in Cyprus. We need to discuss costs and timescales etc. Do i take meds in UK before we fly out? Does anyone know how long the whole process takes from initial consultation to flying out? We have 2 strands of frozen sperm left. Last ditch attempt to have a baby. Im a bit scared of going abroad but this may be our only option now Xx

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Good luck to you!

We are going in June for tandem. We only want to be one week in Cyprus so we are taking meds before we go and having scans in the uk.

I’m down regulating after my next period so we can time it to a rough date.

Scary going abroad, but I’m loosing hope with the uk and cyprus use younger donors and you get more eggs quarenteed than the uk.

All th best xx

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Keep us posted Missy as you are going before me. Do you pay for flights and hotels separately etc? How much was the whole cost? Ive got savings but need an idea what sort of costing im looking at. Xx Good luck we are so brave xxx


I’m presently looking at Cyprus too, struggling to understand costing. Hope you don’t mind me asking, what differences have you found between UK & Cyprus? Xx


Yes they have recommended hotels but we will do that seperate. Flights about £200 each return and hotel we will go 4 or 5 star will be about £500-800. Tandem €4500 plus €1000 drugs. Still cheaper than here with more eggs from donors than uk.


Thanks Missy xx


Alls i know at the min is its a lot cheaper than UK and the clinic has an 80% success rate X


Oh really, Which site are you looking at? Xx


It wasnt a site. My doctor told me if i wanted to go donor then Cyprus is our best bet. Ive got to have a meeting with another doctor who has a clinic in Cyprus who can tell me more xx


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