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how long does The IVF process take?

Hi all, I am awaiting a laparoscopy under GA due to hsg been too painful! I then have my first appointment with my fertility consultant once she has all of my results. What happens next? I've had my appointment changed to 2 months later than originally planned and I am panicking as everything is taking so long and I'm 39 soon. how long does the Ivf process take?

Many thanks

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It depends on the waiting time of your clinic. Some can be months. I was on short protocol. Start to finish including test was about a month


Thank you for your reply. 😀



Is your fertility consultant appointment at the clinic where you will be having Ivf? If it is, then I think your wait won't be too bad.

From the hfea website, our clinic were meant to be 8 weeks, but we got our appointment within 3 weeks at the beginning of November and then started the treatment on Xmas day.

The part of waiting is your body doing what it's meant to, so that they can sort out your treatment plan.

I was on the long protocol and I was lucky that my body reacted according to plan (first time ever!!). So we started the injections on Xmas day and did our test on 9th February.

Even though you are worried about the timeframe after your laparoscopy, you have done the best thing as it gives your body time to heal :-)



Hi, My appointment is at the clinic where I'll be having the ivf. I'm just getting frustrated as things seem to be taking so long although I know how lucky I am to have this chance on the nhs. Did you have a laparoscopy? Just wondered if you knew how long it takes to recover from it, I'm trying to do it all without having too much time off work as I have not told them! Thanks for your reply and best of luck x


Well I have PCOS so I was put on the short protocol which means it will if been a month from start of period an injections to when I find out. Long protocol is longer but either Way there is so much going on you don't notice. The two week wait is longer. Lots of baby dust an good luck for when you start x kel x


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