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Good news and Bad news

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Hi Ladies,

Feeling very deflated/ angry today.

We got the call that our 13 eggs 🥚 fertilised but my progesterone levels were too high at egg collection yesterday and they wont go ahead with the fresh transfer 😫

we’ll know on Sunday how many embies make it and they want to push to Tuesday if possible, although not sure how many will be left by then... hopefully a few can be frozen!!!

So now I have to wait for 2 cycles before going ahead with a natural FET (was hoping we wouldn’t have to wait for 2 periods but we do to make sure I ve recovered properly 🤯) it feels a million years away... hubby and I are were so much prepared to get this cycle over with and now it’s another couple of months of stress.

I know I should be happy that our eggs fertilized but having to wait again and staying in the unknown is exhausting!!! I guess I just never thought of the possibility of cancelling a fresh transfer...

Has anyone ever had the same situation ? Any happy endings?

Enjoy the long weekend ladies and good luck to you all wherever you are in your journey xx

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I feel for you. At my egg collection I was told my progesterone was borderline for transfer and I might need a frozen transfer instead. In the end, the consultant decided to go ahead with a transfer and I got a BFN- I know statistically it was unlikely but part of me wonders if we had waited would it have been different. I know it is super frustrating but it may just work out for the best for you xxxx

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AlexHoBo in reply to Hidden

Thanks Zoe!!! Frustration, that's exactly what it is ;)

I hope the frozen transfer will be the winning one for you. How are you getting on with the progesterone injections? I'll have some of those too.... EEK. XX

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Hidden in reply to AlexHoBo

I was really worried about them but actually they don’t hurt as much as I thought. Bum cheeks are a bit tender to touch but rub the area loads after the injection and that helps. They make me quite tired in the afternoon and I have funny dreams but otherwise ok. Xx

That’s great news about your embryos and hope a good amount make it to freeze. I know it’s frustrating but I’ll be the devils advocate and say there is a silver lining. My clinic doesn’t even test for E2 or progesterone after collection... I felt uncomfortable and was properly borderline (they aspirated 27 follicles!) and I went through a transfer anyway. And feel like it was a waste. One good embryo ‘lost’ because my body was likely not in the ‘best state’. I’m thankful I had 5 to freeze but still, felt a little careless. And much more Emotionally exhausting.

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AlexHoBo in reply to abcgirl

Thanks!!! You're right, I do feel quite sore and tired still so maybe it is better to wait (I would just have liked to do it sooner than mid/end June...). Fingers crossed you get your BFP!!! sending lots of positive vibes xxx

Just think though, hopefully it will end up in a Spring baby and you’ll be enjoying mat leave with bubba in the summer 🤗

Hi lovely, we did our first cycle in April and had a freeze all as I over stimulated. I have had a letter saying that we can choose when to begin the fet but they recommend at least 1 period (as well as the withdrawal bleed) so maybe that’s what they mean rather than 2 full cycles? I got my withdrawal bleed 5 days after egg collection, and also had high progesterone so hopefully yours will come and go quickly too xxx

We had 8 fertilised and the wait til day 4 to find out how they were doing was torture... we had 6 lovely blastocysts to freeze on day 5, so with 13 to start with I’d say that’s a great number!!

Good luck xx

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AlexHoBo in reply to Pip89

Hey Pip89. sounds like we're in almost in the same timeline :)

My doc said the bleed/periods would come within 10 to 14 days... I hope it will come quicker but looks like transfer won't be happening before passed mid-june...aaaaargh

let's hope the natural FET will be a better option than the medicated ones I previously had.

I've seen your post and I'm not sure there is much we can do until then. Keep taking your vitamins, eat a good amount of proteins, do some meditation if you can to help release the stress hormones, maybe have some acupuncture closer to transfer to help with blood flow...

I'm definitely gonna have a glass of wine as it's been weeks and nothing is happening for a bit so I'll treat myself here and there :)

GOOD LUCK to you too xx

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Pip89 in reply to AlexHoBo

Definitely, we deserve a gin or 2 this lovely bank holiday weekend!

I’m back at my clinic on 14th to find out about our fet. I presume mine will be medicated, they told me that the whole fet process takes a lot longer than my short protocol did. Have you done fet before?? X

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AlexHoBo in reply to Pip89

Yes I had 2 medicated FET last year, both failed hence this hospital (was private last year, now NHS) wants to try something different.

I think this coming month I'll test if I ovulate and if I don't I will let them know. The consultant told me that after the second period if things are not looking good by D8 they should be able to start some medication without having to wait for the next cycle... let's see how it goes, I'm still bummed we can't go ahead tomorrow but I'm hoping that they can freeze a good number....and at least my body would have recovered by then. I was in quite a lot of pain post EC this time, only starting to be better today.

Enjoy the sunshine, G&T and good luck for the 14th xx

Sorry to hear you’re probably going to have to cancel your transfer. I can understand how frustrated you must be after building yourselves up to it. It might not be a bad thing though. There is currently a growing bank of evidence to suggest that frozen cycles may be more successful than fresh ones due to giving the body time to recover. They are even conducting a clinical trial where they are asking patients to do a freeze all cycle to compare results. All you can do is try and recover from egg collection quickly and I’m sure your frozen cycle will be here before you know it.

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AlexHoBo in reply to Lynnr54

Thanks Lynn!!! XX

Yeah I feel for you. I had 15 eggs...14 mature...11 fertilize...they don't really do day 3 transfers here in NZ unless you had less than 5 fertilize. So by day 5 we had 1 middle of the road emblem to transfer...none made it to freeze!! Out of all those. Needless to say I am gutted and don't know what went wrong? Obviously a BFN too so yeah am devastated. I wish you all the best. Oh and in NZ they WILL NOT transfer more than one embie! Even if you want to! So unfair. Anyways best of luck hun xx

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AlexHoBo in reply to Niki_B

How frustrating and I'm so sorry about your BFN.

They also tend to only put one here but it does depends on a lot of factors (at least in my area of London). Keep the faith x

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Niki_B in reply to AlexHoBo

Thanks AlexHoBo you too. This journey is bloody tough isn't it. But we continue to fight ...i am woman hear me roar! ;) xxx

Thank goodness they measured your progesterone. I know the waiting is hard but I found the frozen cycle easier on my body - it was a relief really to get the stims out of my system and recover. I felt I was in the best possible place to start my frozen transfer, which was successful (though the fact we had our embryos tested was probably a massive factor in this). You have a good chance of getting blasts to freeze with your numbers. I’m sorry for the disappointment and the waiting you’ve now got to do though.

Thanks Lizzie. You're right, I'm also super sore from EC, much more than the last one...

I think it's just knowing that I have to wait for 2 periods before transfer seems so far away from now. Had 2 failed FET last year so I'm hoping the Natural FET will be successful. Although of course we need to wait & see how many can be frozen and if they survive the thawing... happy days :)

Congrats on your last scan, I love ready good news ! All the best for the rest of your pregnancy!!!! xxx

Thank you Alex. For me I only had to wait for my withdrawal bleed and then one true period, but this may be because we were on a tight timeline with my treatment due to my funding running out in July. The consultant I saw prior to my FET said that the only reason they usually make people wait three months is to ensure all the admin and paperwork can be done. To facilitate mine being quicker she had to do a private prescription for the first few days of my drugs before the nhs ones were delivered but I didn’t mind that small cost. I would make sure you have your next appointment booked in plenty of time to ensure that you’ll be able to start your FET the minute you are allowed to (obviously you need to wait to see if you have Frosties but I feel sure that you will). Good luck sweetie.

Thanks Sweetheart. We were not told to do anything re paperwork... 🤨they confirmed that we couldn’t do transfer for medical reasons so the funding would be valid for the frozen round. I ll make sure it is though.

Seems like we re on the same-ish protocol / timeline. Waiting for next period, then another one and go ahead with natural FET if possible. If I don’t ovulate they would then start the drugs... lets wait for the call re the frosties first and see how it goes. Right now i m quite in a bit of pain still 😤

🥂 cheers 🥂 to all of us warriors !!!

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I’m gutted for you as I know how frustrating this is but FET’s are just as successful and it’s important for your hormones and body to be in the best condition. I was overstimulated and had to wait for the following cycle. I’ve had 7 frozen transfers and bfp’s with 4 - which is more than 50% and I was 42 when I started. Wishing you the best of luck xxx

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AlexHoBo in reply to Hidden

Thanks Natalia! That's very encouraging :) x

I had the same thing happen to me. I took a 3 month break and feel my body was in much better condition by then to cope with the transfer. After egg retrival I was so ill there was no way I could have had the transfer 5 days later, plus my progesterone was too high also. I know it's frustrating but you don't want to waste a good quality embryo when conditions aren't the best that they could possibly be. Good luck xx

Hi, I had EC on Tuesday and they won't do ET due to me being overstimulated. So FET for me too. The clinic told me 2 periods for your body to have time to recover, day 1 today, hooray!! But I've got an irregular cycle, said this to the nurse and she said that's ok, don't worry! Sometimes at worst my periods have been 6 months apart. Feeling so annoyed as I like you want this over with! xx

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AlexHoBo in reply to JKT90

Argh, yeah soooo annoying!

Good you re already on day 1 though! Doesn’t seem like my periods are coming any time soon, but fingers crossed it’s not too long!

We ll know tmw how many embies they can freeze...

Good luck to you! X

That does sound frustrating but if u over reacted like I did too this may do u some favours. I got a bfn on my fresh transfer n reck as had too much progesterone too though didn’t test. Then I had a natural FET n suited me a lot better n got a bfp. Good luck hopefully be same for u though not outcome I got in end ☺️ best wishes x

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