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I sprayed Suprecur Buserelin nasal spray 4 times instead of 3.

I started my nasal spray tonight and qhen i did i think nothing came out. So i did sprayed again but still the same. So i didn't spray anymore. I'm panicking if it has an effect on my FET next week.

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Hi Smiley I did this a couple of times when doing the sniffers. I was convinced nothing came out, as couldn't feel that horrible taste in the back of my throat. I think even if you don't feel it the spray is working. If you think the bottle is blocked test it before putting up your nose. Otherwise I'd say just pull it slightly down your nostril so your nasal passage doesn't block the liquid coming out. As I said same thing happened to me and it was all fine in the end. Good luck for your FET xx


Thank you Lilli79 for your reply. I was getting all worried it might have some bad effect on my FET this friday.


Hi, maybe you should contact your clinic just for reassurance. It happened to me too and I was fine. Best of luck x


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