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Suprecur Nasal Spray - Spotting After AF?

Hi Ladies,

Sorry if this seems a silly question but this is my first round of IVF and I just want to hear this is possibly normal as I am worrying myself.

I started on the suprecur (buserelin) on day 21 of my last cycle as instructed and my AF came as normal around day 32, this was as normal as I usually have and that finished around Saturday morning but since when I wipe I am getting a lot of pink - it looks very mucus like (sorry tmi!) is this normal?

I have got a scan booked tomorrow to see how everything is going before I start my Menotrophin (hopefully!!) but now I am panicking that this wont start tomorrow?!

I hope someone has experienced similar and can put my crazy mind to rest?!

Thanks in advance

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Hi there, i am due to start IVF and had apt today - the nurse told me that i might get some pink spotting with the nasal spray, hope that eases your mind 😘


Ahh thank you - yes, I was concerned as I never usually get this and worried they may not start me on my injections tomorrow!

I guess all will be revealed when I have my scan tomorrow but I am impatient and a worrier! Really not a good thing when going through this! lol!!

GL with your treatment hun xx


It's so hard not to stress! I hope to hear good news from you soon! Thank you 😘


Thank you, its been a long road. Hoping & praying it works first time as if not we may need to use donor sperm, which is not ideal but we will if needs be


I will be sending positive thoughts your way! 😘


Thank you!

I will for you also x

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Just to update to this, had my appointment today and all is fine. I told the nurse my concerns and she wasn't too fussed she said lets just see what the scan says. Scan was all fine and she taught me how to do my injections so that stage has now started!

Back next week for another scan to see how these are all going - FC all is going well!


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