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Hello everyone,

Currently going through tests in order to progress to my first round of IVF (privately funded) as I have very low AMH which they suspect is due to diminised reserve.

I have been reading about Ubiquinol increasing egg quality. I have an underactive thyriod gland as well which is stable but I have read that people with my condition have high levels of Ubiquinol. Has anyone have any advice on this? I dont want to start taking something that might screw up my chances futher. Feeling a bit low at the moment.

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Hi Ebony1980, I’m taking ubiquinol 100mg 2 capsules in the morning. I also have a under active thyroid that I was born with and I haven’t looked into this before taking it. I’m kinda worried now 😳. I also have low amh and not so good egg quality. I’m also taking dhea among other vitamins. I’ll be going for my 2nd round soon, had 1 failed in Oct last year. Only started the ubiquinol and dhea after the first round though. I’m gonna have to look this up, if you have any links to info I’d be much appreciated, good luck in your Ivf x

I didn’t mean to worry any one about it. I doubt it would do any harm, just being cautious. I’m interested in anything that can improve my egg quality.

Aww luv, you haven’t worried me, I do this to myself all the time 😂, ask your consultant about the dhea and see what they say, you need to order it on the internet though which comes from the U.S x

I’ve just read up on this as I suddenly worried as I take 600mg ubiquinol daily but also have an under active thyroid (managed) and low amh, but sources say we still benefit from taking it as being hypothyroid means we have higher levels of oxidative stress (bad for our eggs!) and the ubiquinol helps protect xx

Where do you get your ubiquinol from Orla9298? I buy mine from Holland and Barrett but it’s only 100mg and that costs £34.99 for 60 I think, it ain’t cheap 😳 x

I bought mine from

Amazon as I wanted vegetarian capsules. As you say, it’s not cheap.

I get it on amazon by Health Thru Nutrition in 300mg, think it’s about £50 by think it’s for 60 capsules so it does the month on 600mg daily.

Has anyone tried this brand? It seems alot cheaper than other brands? healthmonthly.co.uk/swanson...

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