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Hello all!

I hope everyone is doing well, we have been referred for IVF, my OH has low sperm count, motility and morphology so waiting for a consultation appointment. I just had a few questions to ask:-

1) Our diet, we dont drink or smoke we introduced a lot more fruit and veg to our diet, water 2ltrs a day, but we do occasionally have the odd take away here and there proberbly twice a month if that. What else would you recommend?

2) My OH is taking vitamins the ones he is taking is from H&B Selenium plus Zinc ingredients include:- Vitamin A:- 2,500 I.U Vitamin E:- 10mg Vitamin c 90mg Vitamin b6 1.6 mg Selenium 100ug Zinc 15mg. Are these good enough? Or will i need the expensive stuff

Also im taking seven sees pre-natals 1 daily, vit d 1000ug 1 daily and COQ10 30mg 6 daily.

Does this sound ok? Do you think OH vitamins need to change? Im sorry all these questions might sound stupid and i no they will probably notmake a difference to the end result but i guess down at the very bottom of our caring hearts we all have hope ❤️

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I’ve been on pregnacare conception and coenzyme q10. Hubby in January was told by consultant to take Condensyl (male fertility) not cheap but was worth a shot with us and wish we were told last year about it by our 1st consultant. Got our BFP Tuesday with first cycle of IVF (ICSI) xx


Congratulations 🎊 xxx


Condensyl is also recommended by our clinic.

I think the seven seas tablets you are taking already have vit d in, so I’m not sure you need to take extra.


Thank you Lizzie x


Hi, my partner had low motility and our gp recommended well man tablets, he took them and had a repeat test I think 3 or 4 months later and it had increased from 15% to 30% still lower than 'average' but a marked improvement. They are only £5 a box but do remember it takes 3 months to get into the system and make a difference.

I don't think the odd takeaway will do you any harm, you can't deprive yourself of everything you enjoy.

Good luck with everything xx


Thank you its just hard to no which will work better then the other, i guess its just trial and error xxx


Maca and goji berries are good for men and their swimmers. My friends husband had a low count and he had these - she got pregnant after 4 months.

It’s so annoying though, there’s people that smoke, do drugs and eat crap and their motility is fine. Grrr xx

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I no it really is, and you no when your trying so hard to conceive your literally doing anything and everything even the things you never heard of!


I know! It’s mind boggling - I see parents smoking outside the school gates, clearly not on a great diet popping them out. It’s not on, and we analyse our lifestyles - somehow I can’t see it’s down to that. It’s just figuring out what works xx


My hsband needed to improve his morphology and takes Proxeed for men. It’s powder format and was recommended by many fertility specialists we have seen. It contains a lot of what your husband is taking but a lot easier mixed in water twice a day. Within 3 months his results were amazing. Worth taking a look x


Hi and good morning

My name is Anca and my husband is taking now Proxeed only one daily as his specialist recommended to him as he has very low morphology.

Did you see any improvement??

Thanks xx


Hi Anca yes he started taking it in June 2017 and when we started IVF in October there was a significant improvement and consultant said it wa a great. We got a bfp which sadly ended in miscarriage but also had a natural bfp afterwards as well.


You did IVF or ICSI??

And you got bfp natural even before he use to start taking that??

I’m sorry to ask you sow many questions but we been trying for 3 years and start to investigate 2 years ago and I’m all normal only he has low morphology first it was 1% and in December 2017 went down to 0%.

And he start to take Proxeed in February 2018.

Really hope it will work, you are the first person I even heard to been pregnant natural and OH to have the same problem .

Thanks for your reply.😘😘


So we did ivf in October 2017 and I miscarried then I fell pregnant naturally in January this year so 6 months since OH had been taking proxceed. Sadly I miscarried again but have just had a fibroid removed so am hoping we can try again soon. The proxceed def worked we were trying for over 2 years. I am feeling hopefully moving forward. We also both take omega 3 amongst all the other things I take!


Thank you, i ended up ordering Condensyl what our consultant and clinic recommended to start off with, hopefully his SA will improve as his diet has also changed fingers crossed xx


No dear! You don’t sound stupid. This is what you are doing for your family and baby.

This portrays how much you are concerned about your baby. You would be a lovely and very loving mother.

Glad to know that you and your partner both are struggling for being blessed with parenthood.

usually, I have noticed women more in all such struggle.

The precautions you are considering is quite enough.There are only a few things, the doctor normally advice every to be parents to look upon and that is alcohol, smoking and most importantly sugar level.

These few precautions can lead you to healthy pregnancy soon.

Frankly speaking, I have noticed so many implantation diets and miracle foods been discussed on the internet. I used to think who would follow all these.But even I did.

BTW I would love to know about your IVF procedure. About how all that went.

Would love to hear from you as soon as all that starts.

Wishing you success and blessed parenthood soon. XX


Thank you so much, it feels so nice and reassuring to read your message. Im feeling so down at the moment, i have spent the last week crying on my lunch breaks because i feel so worried and i dont know if i will be able to cope then its all the 'what ifs' and trying to get everything right. I feel so down i dont no how to relax ive not even been intimate with my OH i cant get my self in the mood and stop thinking about all this.



Trust me these ‘What if’s ‘you are talking about has much worth.

These are blessed babies and we are blessed TO-BE-Mothers. This wait has worth.

This journey would soon end with a perfect result. There is something good in incompleteness. You might unaware of.

Every single day you live with this wait and the struggle you might be going through is something I am much aware of.

I was completely broken after I had my two IVF failed. But somehow I found my hope being left with surrogacy.

I feel hesitate to talk about this. As there is some sort of allegations and misconceptions around.

But I feel like I might find my solution in this. There must be something good waiting for me.

This might be the reason I came across to such procedure. I am also confused. But I find myself confident enough to share my thoughts regarding surrogacy.

I would start this procedure as soon as I find fertility clinic, which fits me.


Hey Jessica,

Thank you so much, your absolutely right the wait is worth it and at the end of the road which ever road we are treading on we all want the same outcome.

I wish you all the best xxx


Hi Hun , my first one failed and now another doc has recommended us condensyl xx but we was not told this in our first cycle.. don’t know why but need to take them for 4 months b4 we can start treatment x


Hey because it takes upto 3 months for the sperm to refresh and it should be at its top then. Im sorry to here your first cycle failed xxx


Tanks much appreciated


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