I've always taken multi-vitamins purely because when I stop taking them I feel over-whelmingly tired all the time. I'm due to start my medication for my 1st round of IVF and have been taking folic acid but stopped taking the daily multi-vitamin as I didn't want anything to interfere with the meds. However, I'm so, so tired all the time and feel so spaced out that I can barely focus on the IVF at all.

Can anyone advise whether it would be OK for me to take my multi-vitamins again?

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  • Can you call your clinic to double check x

  • As long as you have the multi vits for conception or pregnancy, they will be absolutely fine. The normal multi vits can have too high levels of some vitamins which aren't safe in pregnancy. Xx

  • Hi have you had your thyroid tsh levels checked? Primary symptom of extreme fatigue and brain fog/spaced out is underactive thyroid. This was flagged up in my fertility testing and needed meds xx

  • Hi there - I take a pre-pregnancy multivitamin which seems to contain everything! Hope you can find one that keeps your energy up, though I don't think I've ever noticed much difference x

  • Thanks everyone. I checked with the clinic and they suggested the pre-pregnancy multivitamin rather than the normal multivitamin and feel much better now. I'm just panicking, I think, as I don't want to do anything that will harm my chances :-(

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