Vitamins & IVF

Vitamins & IVF


I've been taking these Centrum pre conception tablets for over 2 years now (£6 a month). We recently found out that we are both "broken" and need IVF. Waiting on 1st appointment so don't know much about it. Just wondered, do I carry on taking these? Can I switch to cheaper normal vitamins + folic acid? What do you all take please?



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  • Hi Sarah. I've been taking folic acid and vitamin D (just supermarket brand or Superdrug etc). A lot cheaper (folic acid about £1-2 for 180 tablets and vit D £1 for 60 tablets. I may be wrong but surely these will be just as effective. I'm pregnant now (first round of ICSI IVF) so something must have worked!xx

  • Hi there, I am also pregnant and just took folic acid and vit D during treatment. If you buy it in Lidl or Aldi, it's really cheap! X

  • Hi Sez655

    For long time I'm taking Pregnacare "trying for a baby" , we have try for long time and finally 2 weeks ago we started out injection x

  • We both take pregnacare plus I take folic acid and vitamin D. Our clinic did say the folic acid and the vitamin d were the two important ones though. Good luck with your treatment. X

  • During treatment just folic acid. After the bfp switched to pregnacare which is also flipping expensive. Midwife said vitamin d and folic acid are the main ones.

  • I take Seven Seas trying for a baby. Only a couple of £s x

  • I started off taking that, preferred it tbh as smaller & had days on the packet. However the pharmacist spent ages looking at ingredients with me & we found that the centrum one was a lot better. In my local shops they are about the same price. X

  • That's interesting thanks x

  • I take Biocare Ante Natal Forte. It's really expensive but recommended by my homeopath. I haven't had a cold since I started taking it - over a year ago. x

  • Hi I took Sainsburys Conceive duo for 2 years prior while we were trying and during our recent ICSI, BFP 1st round, then switched to Sainsburys Pregnancy duo, good to get when they on offer 2 packs for £5, does the job xx

  • Just looked online & not on offer ATM so works out around the same price as Centrum. I'll keep an eye out though. Thanks x

  • Lots of people seem to report that it's worth your hubbie taking good vitamins if it's a sperm count issue.

    Re us ladies, my clinic also just wanted to know I am taking folic acid and vit D, but I'm choosing to take something more comprehensive in the hope it will help!!

  • He does, has done for over a year now. Hasn't made any difference though.

    Hope you don't mind me asking, which ones you are taking? X

  • I've been taking rainbow light prenatal, £30 for 150 on amazon prime so basically the same price as the centrum.

  • Oh and suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding too... if I ever get that far!

  • I'm sure you will... we all will 😀 xx

  • Hi I took super drugs own branded pre pregnancy tablets ( they are usually on offer 3 for 2) and they worked great for me. I can also use them whilst breastfeeding. 😀

  • We were using the really expensive ones for ages but then I compared the 'ingredients' one day with the much cheaper superdrug own brand ones. They are pretty much the same. I now take their pre conception ones (about £2.99) and my husband takes the standard men's multivitamins. They are doing 3 for 2 at the moment so I got loads. We went to an ivf patient info meeting a few weeks ago though and they said just make sure you're getting folic & vitamin D, as they're most important xx

  • Hi, I was taking Severn Seas Trying for a Baby vitamins for about 18 months, I then did some research and switched to folic acid and vitamin d, I buy mine from Holland and Barrett when they are on offer. We're starting ICSI soon and haven't been recommended anything at the moment so I will just continue to take them through treatment if nothing is said.

  • My consultant just tells me to take 400 mcg folic acid daily. I use morrisons own 😂

  • I'm on the Superdrug pre-pregnancy ones too. Works out at £2 a month on the 3 for 2 so very cheap

  • I bought 6 packs today as a few of you recommended them. They were £2.99 each & on 3-4-2. I liked that they can be used throughout pregnancy & breastfeeding too so won't have to buy different ones.

    Thanks for help everyone! Xx

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